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i am having issues getting multiple outputs from a single DCS command.   Mostly this occurs with crossing signal but also other horn signals and even crew dialog when using soft keys.   I have the Wi-Fi DCS companion and have done everything I believe is mentioned in it and also have reviewed similar posts on the forum.  This is my first post and wonder if I have missed something.

i am running WI-FI with a L version TIU.   I am using 3 Lionel power bricks to power three channels of the TIU and another Lionel transformer for the accessories.  My problems really began when I added the 2nd and third power bricks.   I was using just one to power the whole layout and I would get a double output every once in a while but it has increased significantly since adding the power bricks and running three channels.   I was running all power in a bus format and have changed the power to a star format and track blocks as advised in companion.   I have recently modified one section of the ground or common wiring to star format as well. I have not done the other two sections as it did not seem to make a difference.  I have included a picture of my layout if that helps with analyzing my issue.   Each level is powered by a different TIU channel.

the power is all located behind my control panel.  I have phased the transformers and added a common ground to the inputs to TIU.  I have Legacy connected to TIU channel 1 output.  From The TIU,s power goes to three terminal blocks, one for each section of track.   The track feed wires are different lengths as the layout is a u shape with power going both ways from center to each loop.  So the longest is 15 feet and shortest a couple of feet on each track loop.   There are about 6 track blocks on each loop of track.   I am using 16 gauge stranded wire.   

Sorry for the lengthy discussion but I wanted to include as much information as possible.   I would appreciate any input as I have used the forum to research issues before and there is a wealth of knowledge.   Thanks for taking a look.



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Have you implemented track blocks such that every track block has its center rail isolated from the center rails of all adjacent track blocks?

Do you have one and only one connection from a TIU channel's output to each track block?



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Thank you guys for the quick reply.  There is one section on one loop that I had difficulty getting power through three switches and I have three power connections for that one track block.   I have not really had issues with that particular block but on other sections and other loops as well. Could that be causing the issues everywhere.


i just disconnected the extra track power on that one section with no change. I am also going to check the rest of the wiring to be sure it’s ok. And I guess I can update all the common wire to star as well. If you have any other ideas I would be happy to try them.   

Thanks again.  


I was able to eliminate the same issue by installing an 18 volt light bulb right at the outputs of the TIU. Even though I have MTH Lock-ons, with the 18 volt bulbs at the tracks, I still had the soft key echos. It wasn't until I put the bulbs right at the output of the TIU that it went away. I think the Rev L was supposed to eliminate the need for the magic bulb, but I would try the bulbs anyway, if nothing else works.

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