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It's that time of year again. Time to get ready for the 2017 edition of MUZEO Holiday Express. We are adding three more layouts this year besides the five that will be repeats, with changes. My tinplate layout this year will be larger, 8x8 this time and will be a primarily Marx theme with Skyline to fill some holes with items Marx did not make. Working on the rough plan. The two milk crates will eventually be styrofoam mountains. Plenty more adding, subtracting, shuffling to do before I lock the track in.


Muzeo 1Muzeo 2Muzeo 3Muzeo 4

First batch of transformers pulled out of storage for testing. I know at least one from this batch will need repair or replacement. The two big boxes are a fresh delivery from Bachman with tons of H0 Thomas items. These will be for a 6 x 10 layout I need to build. They would like all of the layouts operational the week before Thanksgiving. May not make it because other activities are going on in the room until mid Oct.

Muzeo 5

The final plan is done and operating. A lot more work to do in October when it all gets reassembled and then all the detailing, roads, cars, planes, trees etc.

Muzeo 6Muzeo 7Muzeo 8Muzeo 9Muzeo 10Muzeo 11Muzeo 12Muzeo 13


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  • Muzeo 2
  • Muzeo 3
  • Muzeo 4
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  • Muzeo 7
  • Muzeo 8
  • Muzeo 9
  • Muzeo 10
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  • Muzeo 12
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Moonman posted:


There was a good thread earlier this year on disassembling and replacing a failed breaker on this transformer. Search breaker replacement MRC

Will the layout be attached to the tables or just in sections to sit on the tables?

I like that you take the trains to the people...and make "fresh" every year.


I did not find a article that really resolved the MRC breaker issue. One of the bad units I'm sure is a breaker, the others I won't know until I check them out.

The museum will actually build very solid platforms with plexi surrounds for each layout. We take it from there.


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