I was walking through the local train show last week.  I had already purchased a Lionel 18000 0-6-0 switcher from one table.  It was LN with original box, all for $125.00.  I was getting ready to leave, thinking I had seen everything.  I looked at the last table at the show, and there I saw it.  A Lionel loco with a $20.00 price tag attached.  I picked it up thinking it was probably a Scout or a 2037.  It wasn't.  It was a pre war 224, a late one.  I couldn't get the $20.00 bill out fast enough.  Sure it needed a few things, like a trailing wheel set (had one) and a good cleaning.  There was enough pet hair in the gears to stop the wheels from turning.  A quick degreasing, hair removal, than a good cleaning and lube was all it needed.  Runs like a top.  Now I need to look for a 2224W tender. I love the pursuit, very gratifying.




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Wonderful find and Good buy,

They were wonderfully made and I am not surprised that with a a little de-hairing and other TLC that it runs like a top.

If you are not too fussy about the tender that goes behind your new 224, there are plenty of candidates with the same dimensions plus air whistles as the exact one for the the 224.

Ed Boyle

I saw one at the Allentown show.  Didn't stop to price it though.  

Dan Padova


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