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I'm trying to make a nice looking freight yard in this area using only my O-36 switches.   To get the tracks parallel I've used 1- O-36 curve and one half  O-36 curve heading opposite the full curve.  Is there any other way of doing this without buying "Y"s ?





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When you come off the left switch located left of the front of the bridge, remove the right curve and replace it with a right switch (036 or maybe 042 dia.) with the switches curve replacing the removed curve section.  Take the removed curve section and add it to the straight track of the new right switch.

For the spur on the left, the only option I see to eliminate the S, is to replace the 036 right switch with a wider turn right switch like a 042 or 054 diameter curve.  This would eliminate one curve of the S.

If these suggestion work you would have to come up with two more switches.


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