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Yo, Clem...

Keep these comin'!  I love sharing the morning with you...vicariously! 

If you're ever in Davison, MI (exit 145, I-69/M-15), have lunch/dinner at Whitey's restaurant...famous for their fish dinners, but an extensive menu.  It sits right next to the CN mainline @ the M-15 crossing.  Lots of traffic to shake the premises!


@RSJB18 posted:

Clem- what's with the expensive looking fencing and sidewalks at the crossing? The rest of the area is wide open.

Looks like someone's crazy idea to "improve" safety.

I had to ask around for that answer, seems the railroad did that on their own. Its a safety thing to slow the pedestrians down. To me it looks like putting up a gate in field without a fence. Not to mention who is going to shovel the snow out

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