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I remember the early '70's well- I was 27, trying to get established professionally, married just 4 years with a young family- saving for a house, renting an apartment, little money for anything but the necessities, 2 young sons. It was December 1972 and the Toy Train passion returned.  Set up the first "floor" layout with my sons.

So- what to do about it (train fever) ?  Improvise . Go on the hunt for "scarce" reasonable Postwar and have some "cheap" creative fun. I turned 75 in October 2020, so time to reflect and appreciate the past...

So-one of my first attempts.. a mangled 2046, no tender, broken off running lights and bent front headlamp- real dirtbag as well. First came the complete driveline overhaul/cleanup. Then came the fun part- kitbash. In my parts bin was some brass castings, and a plastic Rivarrossi O guage Indiana Harbor Belt kit. The casting was stripped(sandblasted) for a nice even surface... then headlamp removed with a dremel wheel. I went to work adding the details and paint.

Hope you enjoy the results...



Images (9)
  • IMG_0087: side view. parts added, wheels painted/polished and edged, front truck wheels ground flush, new handrail stanchions and wire.
  • IMG_0074-001: engine was close coupled by modifying the drawbar, fireman figure, firebox graft from the IHC Kit.
  • IMG_0076-001: front view of the 2046, IHC details added, green marker jewels, new brass headlamp, tri color paint job.
  • IMG_0072-001: inside cab detail, engineer seated, coal pieces on the floor
  • IMG_0069-001: underside view of the IHB tender, bolster, and Walthers heavyweight tinplate trucks
  • IMG_0078-001: side view of the tender scale coupler, perfect height to "couple up" with postwar auto loader plus 25 other cars.
  • IMG_0079-001: on the layout February 2021. All yellow stripes were hand brush painted ( I was young and steady then)
  • image0-8.1: First Christmas Floor Layout 1972 in our apartment
  • IMG_1575: Christmas Floor Layout 2017 in our home. Harry Potter, Ceramic Buildings, Die Cast "Christmas Traffic Jam"
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