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So, I mentioned in another thread that I acquired a junker non-lighted knuckle coupler caboose and a junker #640 AF link coupler hopper, at York. One of the link coupler trucks was needed on my 651 baggage car. I painted the hopper, added decals that I printed, and installed the knuckle coupler trucks from the caboose.

Here are "Before" and "After" pics:



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John, nice work. Finding junk Flyer and changing them is one of my favorite things to do.  I think I used to spend more time looking under tables in junk boxes at shows rather than what was on the table.

Now there are all kinds of possibilities like boxcars and gondolas, etc. Don't forget the lowly Lionel O27 6014 series of boxcars. Contrary to the belief that O27 is S, that really is the only car that is close to S without serious modifications. 

Be careful, it can become addictive.

Thanks for the kind comments guys!                                                                                                                                                                     I've done a lot of custom paint of derelict Lionel cars and really enjoy my unique creations. One example is that I've made custom cabooses to match all of my PostWar diesel engine schemes. I've also restored PreWar standard gauge trains.

Ray, custom decals are easy.  you can print any design you can find on the internet, any font lettering you may have in EXCEL, WORD, etc. Only issues are that you can't print white, and lighter colors will not be opaque enough if applied to darker backgrounds. You can print large or small, an example of large are the American Flyer decals I printed for the display I made and shared on another post here about my American Flyer Alcove.

I buy decal paper on Amazon, comes in clear background or white background. I like that sold by World-Paper. I'm sure that you can find instructional videos for waterslide decal  use on YouTube. That and a clear spray, like that made by Krylon that you can purchase at Home Depot or Lowes, is all you need.




Nicely done!   I do a lot of the same thing.  And like Cal suggested, there are some Lionel O-27 cars that are perfect for S, but not all.  I like the "Baby Ruth" style double door cars for that conversion.  I've done a couple, and they fit in nicely.  Here's a Great Northern car I did without repainting.  I even used the Lionel frame with Gilbert trucks riveted on.  The cars in the photo are (L to R) a Lionel Flyer car which has the same dimensions as a Gilbert car, the O-27 conversion and an American models car, which is a lot closer to the size of most boxcars: 

And another one repainted in C&O colors.  BTW, the lettering is S scale dry transfers:

And like Cal, I spent a LOT of time looking under tables for material.  


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