My first attempt at weathering a steamer

I have been getting into weathering a lot and wanted to share this clip and see what opinions folks have of my attemp at weathering a steamer. It's a Long Island railroad b6sb by Lionel, with legacy. 

I dont have a permanent layout yet, and it's still a few years off for me so in the mean time so am weathering pieces in my collection to get them ready for such time as when I have a layout. I also weathered all the rolling stock in the clip. Thanks guys!


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Oh, yeah - now that looks like a train - though not all cars look that dirty at any one time - something I have to keep telling myself. Very good job - better than my typical work. Did you use an airbrush, weathering powders, some dry brushing? Combination?

2 things: the orange couplers on the first(?) hopper...and the apparent airbrushing truck frame "ghosts" on the rolling stock wheels...(been there).

No rod ghosts on the loco's drivers though - excellent, and a pain to work with.

Keep it up. Show us more.

I liked it, only thing might be to have some differing shades of weathering, since weathering is things like soot from the engine, dust, dirt, squashed insects, not to mention things like rust that runs (orange streaks).  I like your technique, looks better than when I tried it. When I was growing up my layout was next to an increasingly unreliable oil furnace, and some of my cars got 'weathered' by some soot just before it died. 

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I think that's an excellent job and very timely, as far as I am concerned. I've been busy weathering my MTH B&O Dockside, lately. 

Can you share some info on what paint you used, how you applied it and are you sealing it somehow? 

I'm using Polly Scale (Testors) Grimy Black.



Hi guys, thanks for all the positive and constructive comments, in regards to the coupler on the 1st car, it's something I tried and yeah it's a sour thumb. I will fix it, same with the ghosting on the hopper trucks. 

My technique is simple, I use only paints and a combination of brushing, dabbing and spray painting techniques. No inks or dyes or chalk. Nothing against any of that I just haven't seen the need for it yet. I like the rustoleum camouflage earth tone flat colors in the spray can. I lightly spray the models then do the heavier work with brushes, paint sponges, even q-tips. 

I will post more videos in a couple days, working 16 hrs a day until Thursday. Thanks again everybody!

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