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I have finally got into the swing of making my first repairs on one of my Lionel engines: A Lionel Railroader's Club GP-38 diesel locomotive. When I picked it from Great Lakes Train Store, I put it on my overhead bedroom layout for a test run with its matching caboose. However, the diesel lost the caboose, and I discovered its couplers had no coupler springs. But, I didn't want to bother my dad into running back to the store with my engine and wait for a couple of weeks to get it done.

That's when my Prime Video comes to play: I bought TM Books & Video's Maintenance & Repair Guide for Lionel Electric Trains & Accessories program for my Prime collection. Then, I jumped forward to its segment on shoe pick-up and coupler repair, and as luck would have it, it helped me out with my first repair!

After my brother and I moved into our condo last month, I started pulling out the coupler rivets and installed the coupler springs that I bought on eBay on both trucks (one coupler spring installed as it looks) last Thursday. I tried using one your screwdrivers and an old pencil as a center punch. They didn't work well. So, I decided to hold off for this week. Yesterday, I rode my bike to Home Depot and bought myself a center punch. After work last night, I continued my repair work on my diesel that night and then again earlier today. What luck! I jiggled the couplers, and they both stayed in place. There is more work to do on my engine in my opinion. (A busted lower light and some dirty wheels. But, this is my first breakthrough ever, since this is the first time I ever did repair work without help from my family and my local hobby shop.

Edit: Here is TM Books & Video's Maintenance & Repair Guide for those who have Prime Video. (



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