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There's a big chance of me going to my first ever train show tomarrow in New Bern NC

This is the first time i have ever attended a train show. i'm hoping to meet up with the Eastern Carolina Railroaders. I am also hoping to find some American Flyer 3/16th's O gauge the stuff right before s gauge

anyway what are some things to know / be aware of at shows like advice like i said this is my first show and i want it to be a good time.

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Hi Cody,

I really hope you're able to attend the train show tomorrow.  They are always a fun time for me.  It will be exciting for you but take your time, breathe, and take it all in!  It sounds like you're looking for what may be an uncommon product.  Don't be disappointed if you don't find exactly what you're looking for.  Half the fun is in just looking at the wide variety of trains for sale, and the operating layouts.  Take some time to talk to the sellers.  They are likely model train collectors or operators and like us on the forum, they like to talk about trains.  If they don't have what you're looking for, ask if they have anything like it at home or if they know if any other sellers might have that item.  But remember, they are there to sell trains so don't take up all their time if there are other buyers wanting to talk to them. 

I hope you get to go because I know you'll have fun.  It can occasionally get crowded and noisy during peak hours but most outfits will let you leave to go outside and take a break if necessary.  Just make sure you can get back in.  Most places will have a hand stamp for paid admissions.  People often buy so much stuff that they need to go back to their car and drop off their purchases.


that train show was chefs kiss. especially the S gauge stuff. After seeing how beautiful s gauge is i might have to change scales. i am also a member of the Eastern Carolina Railroaders o gauge club and i ran a lionel vision line big boy pulling a military train today. most of my time i spent looking at s gauge though. i could not afford any model trains but i bought a Norfolk Southern shirt and original NS beanie hat and a model train VHS tape. i was a little nervous running that 2,000 dollar big boy though so i kept her cruising at about 15 scale mph to be safe with about 15 cars behind her. i had a blast today and i might go back again tomarrow after church as admission was good for all weekend. the best part was i was face to face with people that knew my language and understood my love of trains and it was like heaven on earth.

The Atlantic Coast S gaugers weren't lying when they say S is the perfect size too bad lionel is abandoning S. I was talking to a guy from NASG and he said lionel stopped s because they were afraid of new tooling like he said the SD40-2 was never made because lionel assumed it wouldn't sell so they never produced it. i found a lot of s for sale at really good prices but i am poor with over 20 grand in student debt so i couldn't afford any trains. but my godfather let me get a shirt and hat so i got a NS shirt and an original NS beanie hat. if i had about 500 bucks i would have bought alot of American Flyer post war s gauge though. there was an all chrome Santa FE Alco PA/PB that i think was number 390 for about 175 dollars that i really liked but couldn't afford but i had a blast and my cousin came too who also loves trains and my godfather said it was like my cousin and i were speaking a new language when we were discussing trains and scales and operations with all our railroad jargon. but he was glad we enjoyed ourselves. and let me tell you smelling that ozone especially at the Flyer layout was like heaven.

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