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The curly cue couplers were featured on the 9.5 inch cars only in 1938 and then on the 6 inch cars only in 1939.

The earliest cars from 1938 had very thin couplers.

This green tank on green frame tank car variation has the thin/short-height couplers

This searchlight car has the thicker/tall-height curly cue coupler

As for you missing anything, I would say only color variations.

This boxcar has evidence of being a 1937 variation that had the 1937 couplers and trucks pried off at the factory and replaced with 1938 trucks and couplers.  This process has been noted in the Greenberg's Guide and is the first and only car like it that I have observed.  Note it has the earlier cream color instead of the later more orange color and again note the thin/short-height coupler.

A green tank on blue frame tank car variation

There is also the orange log car.


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Since Steve did not post any passenger sets, I skipped posting them.  Here are two 1939 passenger sets featuring the 6 inch cars.  Blue set with 417 engine on top and red set with gray 401 with nickel trim and unusual tender with no billboard stripe.

The curly cue couplers also came on the 3171-3172 and I believe 3176-3177 cars in 1938.  I don't have any pictures of those cars with the curly cue couplers on them.

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