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UPDATE: I added supports to the rear of the bumpers:


When designing my new layout after my move from PA to CA two years ago, I needed to take advantage of every inch of real estate allocated. I love the look of Lionel's #0-25 bumpers, but they take up about 3.5" of the siding track.

I decided to "roll my own". 

Using some scrap molding pieces, painted black with an LED inserted, I am quite pleased with the result. Since I have installed 27 of these on my layout, I calculate that I saved almost 6 feet of usuable track length in the process, since my bumper uses only about .75"!

The two wood plugs (painted reddish) cover the 1.5" screws that were used to secure the bumpers to the table top.

I wired the LEDs to light when the applicable track is powered. I control power to the sidings via TMCC SC-2s that provide "on" "off" to the tracks

If there is interest, I will send a "how to" article to OGR magazine for consideration.

Her are a few pictures:





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Nice work on the track bumper, but if you are interested in something pre-made you should check this out:

we have a ton of other details, go to the home page and click on the picture of the catalog to see items not on the website yet. We also carry Tru color paint and can get just about anything Walther's carries at a discount. Email us for pricing!

I hadn't seen this thread before, but I've seen that bumper design!   When I was trying to figure out what to put at the end of my turntable whisker tracks, my eyes fall on all the left over Gargraves ties from laying the track.  Drill a hole, put a screw into it, and you have a perfectly functional bumper.

The jumper across the back ties the two outside rails together, saved me from having an extra drop, for the whisker tracks I wanted both outside rails live for reliability.


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I have something like this. I made them from plastic and wood. The vertical posts in the front are designed to fit in between the track ties holding the bumper in place. Since then I have added 18V red lamps to the top cross beam that connects to the track. This ended up being a great way to know if power to an isolated spur is turned on.

Bumper Set

Wood Track Bumper 003

Plastic Track Bumper 002


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  • Bumper Set
  • Wood Track Bumper 003
  • Plastic Track Bumper 002

Being in over my head in too much RR at  too late in life I sometimes just  cut prototypical corners.  OK frequently.  Oh well, all the time.

After installing most of the track I wound up needing 90 bumpers to protect the concrete floor from taking multiple nicks and scratches.

90 of anything can get expensive or time consuming so using 1" lengths of Toyota vacuum hose and a box of 1 5/8" 7 penny square drive trim  screws and installing them just inside the rails high enough to grab the axles, it works as needed.



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