This will be my last layout due to circumstances, so I am going to build a exclusive fastrack layout.  My wife didn't want to let go of the Lionel Hogwarts Express so that's the starting foundation.   The layout will be 8 x12. With 3 separate tracks wired both for traditional  and Lionchief engines.  Good time to do this with all the isolation necessary right now. Though not intentionally a post war layout it will feature both 50's & 60's trains and modern & some accessories old and new releases.20200316_150422 

BTW. This is  the smallest layout I have ever done, usually they are 20 x 24 and larger so this will be fun. 


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All those terminal sections should give you a good start !

If you need a lot more Fastrack, you might try Charles Ro - they typically give 10% off on track/switch orders of $500 and up.

With all that's going on it's a good time to hunker down and work on this project 

I know where all the track & ACCESSORIES are to be placed so I decided to start with some of the ground cover ( for upper level)  painted added ground cover and sprayed with fixative, tha I  did a few streams and ponds. Now waiting on supplies to hopefully arrive ( ordered before  countrywide shutdown).



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Warm enough to open basement doors so I can spray paint base coat to table,  next to go on will beef landscape material.20200324_11110120200324_111050


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Put my inner track plan on the ccx tabl to sheck outlines for streets.   There will also be 2 separate independent loops one is along 036 and the other will be 042.20200327_145857


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Using Woodland Scenics water effect and road blacktop paint, boy do they make it easy to use.20200330_12052220200330_12051720200330_11294920200330_11050220200330_112849

Like to thank Joey at NICHOLAS Smith  for all his great help and fast shipping this last 10 days.


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4.3 Friday 

Spent 4 hours installing to separate tracks.  Inner one is Lionel fastrack double pretzel loop with a couple of plug n play accessory outlets.  Outer  fastrack is a loop with 2 sidings and many plug n  plug accessory outlets.

I got the inner one running, ran out of steam to power up outer loop. Both will run either Lionchief with remote or traditional with transformer.20200403_11465920200403_114706


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I have completed all 3 separate loops of the lower level ( engine & 4 cars & caboose max) and now I have to place the accessories on to get an idea how they're gonna fit . The top level which is a little 36 by 42" will be in a mountain 12" above the rest of the table, its for small trains, (engine & 2 cars & caboose.)

 Standard gauge tinplate on the outside loop and then the 2 lower inside loops and the upper level  mountain arel O gauge fast track.



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Painted asphalt streets today, used WOODLAND SCENICS  black top paint , so easy to use.20200413_18182220200413_18181620200413_181807

Now I can landscape and add accessories and buildings.


Images (3)

Detailed a section right in the middle of the layout 


Helicopter,  control tower, microwave, & radar, then a freight station upper left.


Images (1)

That is a lot of action in a small space.  It is an encouragement to those of us who don't have a lot of space to work with!!  Congratulations on doing such a nice job!!!


Super progress on layout

1 thing i like among many is the island or sand bar in your stream haven't seen that before

Great job all around

Steve Taylor



Pasture with oil donkey


Driving through 


Started mountain with portals


Slowly but surely getting it done as of 4.29.2020


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Its been a hectic 30 days since my last update. I have been able to work on my mountain scene, upper level layout some.  The main body of the mountain face is 5' in so I have to climb on top of the layout and  work for about an hour kneeling as I assemble the face of the mountain.  I don't bend as easily as I use


Upper level track.  36" loop.


rock facing bout done


I need to add trees to this area.



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Dave, that mountain scene looks great!  I don't bend either.  In fact, I can't kneel on one of my knees anymore, and I certainy can't squat.  You did great work in an awkward position.

Jushavnfun is what it’s all about, looking great, the videos are sensational, a fun to run model railroad. Great work. Keep on havnfun.     Happy Railroading 

@RSJB18 posted:

Looks great.

Did I miss something? What happened to the standard gauge loop?


Had to take it out unfortunately every time I'd run there were shorts somewhere on track got tired of chasing down gremlins  bring it back someday in storage for now.

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