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Here is a couple of pictures of the last section of bare plywood that needs finishing. I'm looking for ideas. This  a 2X9 foot area. I run all scale size equipment with Kadee couplers, the boxcar in photo is a Weaver 50' car. I change this area a couple of times a year keeping the same track configuration.  

Thank you




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Where it is located will not block view of other areas, It is also viewed from 3 sides. It connects to industrial area via a wooden trestle.

At one time it was an engine facility, I just had it as an Amtrak rolling stock repair

Along time ago it had a saw mill, I could try that again I forgot all about that.

One time it was a structural steel and pipe yard yard

Once a year I switch from diesel era to steam era

Keep ideas coming you'll wake up my brain cell

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