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It's been several years since I've really posted anything.  Retired, went back off an on as a contractor, and help another gentleman buy hogs for a meat packing plant.  Hence, the trains took a backseat, until about three weeks ago, and that all changed with a phone call.

A friend of the family called who was dealing with a family and the subject came up about having a living estate sale and the contents that was for sale and trains were mentioned.  Everyone in my area knows about me and trains but I didn't get overly excited as many times it's trains or a scale of no interest to me.  I made contact with the sellers and a visit was worked out.  Keep in mind, the group handling the sale had already went through the house cataloging and pricing everything.  (There was some very high end furniture).  No one has lived in the home for several years and everything in the house just needed a good home and cleaning.  

Now the trains.  They took me upstairs and I walked into a room full of trains, primarily postwar Lionel, some Flyer, and a few Williams passenger cars.  Took quick photos of everything and went home and started doing some research on the engines to see what matched up as a sets as under a table I discovered four original set boxes.  Called back and was able to go back the next day.

So here's what I was able to put together:

2190W Santa Fe F-3's with matching passenger cars, all with original boxes

2531WS 637 Steam set with Super O Track, all with original boxes, and set box.  The bummer with this set is that it had the 6817 flat car but no scraper was to be found.

2285W Virginian set, with original boxes (except for the 8-axle depressed center flat car) and set box.

624 C & O Switcher in original box with a Madison Hardware sticker on the side.

Plus several more single freight cars.

Everything was outside the box and will need a thorough cleaning and servicing.  One of my friends purchased some items and he's started cleaning his purchases and the feedback is that it's cleaning up to excellent plus condition.  Most everything was fairly priced as they need to clean out the house so I won't get hurt.  My best purchase was an antique curio cabinet and in talking to the family it's between 92 - 105 years old and in immaculate condition.

This has rekindled my love for trains and plan on doing more posting in the future.


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