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Hi, I’d like to introduce myself, I’m an aircraft mechanic and aerobatic pilot from northeast pa. Been a closet train nerd my whole life. My great grandfather started our families Lionel layout in the 30s. 2 years ago my dad passed it on to me. Well it’s set up in my basement and I’m addicted. Keep adding things and now working on expanding it. Me and my dad have done all the track work and my lady friend builds the “town”, which is quite unique. We put together a nice video of the layout and our family’s history with it. Figured you might enjoy it. I’ll keep this updated as we modify the layout. Thanks!!



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Thanks for enjoying the video.  Been browsing this forum for a little while learning. Going to be pulling some of this up and expanding it. Plus, just got another NW2 that I’m going to rewire the motor so it starts “in reverse” so I can put the two cab to cab. Also going to wire them to both pick up power from the lead locomotive so one doesn’t get out of sequence and while I’m at it wiring them in series.

Well, got the layout all ripped down and rebuilding. Going to have inclines. One is rather steep, it’s a descent and will be hidden in a tunnel.  Main line makes 2 loops around the table with a small yard.  There is an inside loop for the old trains.  We decided to model summer, fall and winter in different sections of the layout and looking forward to the scenery building aspect. 2 mountains with tunnels and a good rock cut as well. The lady is looking forward to rebuilding town and we are eying up some building kits. Putting some of that gray foam roadbed under the track and going to ballast it. Hope to have the road bed down by this weekend. Then going to work on rail power. Going to solder the wire right on the track and figuring every 6 feet or so. I’ll put up some pics tonight

Hi Chris,

I enjoyed your family Christmas video. I particularly like the wall your grandfather built. I have a western town my great-grandfather built in the 20s. These family heirlooms are special.

If your NW2 is postwar with an e unit, it should have a lever underneath to disengage the e unit. You wouldn't need to do any rewiring. Just get the train you want as the b unit running in reverse and while it is running hold it and reach under and move the lever. This will disconnect the e unit and keep it in reverse. Do the same thing with the other unit in forward and you will have your lash up.

@C_Murley posted:

...Going to have inclines. One is rather steep, it’s a descent and will be hidden in a tunnel...

Really enjoy the concept of what you're doing.  

And you've probably already thought of this, but just in case - 'steep descent in a tunnel' - be sure to allow plenty of access.  No matter how well it runs while testing, as soon as it's covered by a tunnel, the gremlins will move in.

So after a kitchen and entranceway project I’m back on the layout. We got all the track wired. Power solder directly to the rail. Now to build the switching control board and then on to mountains, scenery and town. So I love my Williams NW2’s and I have no plan on leaving conventional control so I needed power for the Anthracite Express excursion train. So I picked up a Williams RS3. Man I thought the TBP on the NW2’s was good, this thing sounds fantastic! The DL heads up the valley not far from my house in greenridge, Scranton and I hear those Alcos chugging along every weekend! Anyways, First thing I did was wire the RS3 in series, then lube it and put it to work. The last of my cars arrived today. All atlas O trainman 60’ coaches. Have read mixed reviews but these run great! No issues noted, at all! Enjoy!



im not all set on Pennsylvania locomotives, but I loved me some black and yellow......




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A little update. Gotta wire up the signals then wiring is done. Pressure switches I had won’t work with the foam rail bed so I gotta come up with another idea for that. Got the tunnel structures built with foam board, now to build the mountains around them and on to scenery!  Middle line is for the bump and go trolley. Not on the layout yet but has been tested before building the tunnel!!!  Also gotta make placards for the control panel!


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