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One step closer! Got the perimeter installed and painted around 75% of the layout and then got to finish up blast and some scenic work! Now on to the coal breaker, the yard, and the mountain in that area of the layout. Then finally install the finishing touch of The Fence!

my new to me geep has about an hour of run time on it now. Doesn’t quite have the tractive effort as my RS3..... go figure ;-) DL guys would be proud haha! Anyways putting it through some trials before sending it out for repaint. More on that later.....


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C Murley - I thought you were a switcher guy - that doesn't look much like a switcher. Next thing you know you are going to grab one of the big engines that needs 072 minimum and then major surgery on the layout - just like what happened to me.  Fell in love with the big scale engines - no going back. No regrets either - or is it regerts?  ; )

Haha! Switcher guy all the way! Especially local switchers! The Geep I guess is a road switcher and will be sent out for repaint into a locomotive I had seen running around the valley when I was younger. How do you pick locomotives? I’ve decided to pick ones that mean something to me. So, I’m modeling Pocono Northeast and Reading and Northern on my layout.  Not a “normal” roster but it’s a good thing we got people that love to repaint locomotives! So, keep an eye out here for some 1980’s NEPA switchers!

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A little more action! Got the “plug” made for the middle of the layout. That’s where the north East PA WARM radio station lives. Still have to assemble the antenna. Anyways happy with how it turned out and it’s fit. For maintenance, for the most part it can just lift out. Also, I picked up a new car last week. Was gonna put it in the “buy anything cool” thread but will stick it here. It’s just a simple Erie Lackawanna Lumber Car, but means a lot to me. One cause the EL ran through these parts, and two the labeling. I know it’s a MTH car and mikes last name is wolf but that’s also my business. My main job is building custom wooden wing sets for aerobatic aircraft. My company is wolf aircraft products. So this is a shipment of raw spruce stock headed my way 😎8E6747AB-790B-4283-A76B-0428083F1D4763787C90-0207-4D3E-A196-A6D5F997537A09ED4252-C0B4-4034-97AF-0ED58B8BDE0E7AA88A46-A8CE-4331-8B9A-46B599DE3FE1


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78551712-1DCF-43D1-87CC-0843BED3576EA31D9287-0F00-4F02-ABED-0A53D138DEEEAE41BE60-2BCB-4609-AD11-CD3E567EA561CB17BACE-891E-4ECA-8A7F-5B37EC78090669DAEADE-987A-482E-9190-9C060774D93E09B3F0F0-4B15-421F-A42F-4A906A7B97542F8E4D6F-F0E4-4B30-9EEF-75EC522C7E2AEBE88437-F5A2-4D67-AB4A-0AF1EA6B43205CDD034F-CB94-4577-8BAD-2918BB1612B2Coal Breaker is finished! UGM anthracite is our contract anthracite mining company. It was a fun project! Also the dock and laser cut building was a lot of fun to build and Rebekah enjoyed painting and weathering them! Not bad for a first try! I see more of those kits in our future! Also preparing the fence for installation! Dad and I are putting that up after the great turkey feast next week! Anyways, enjoy!


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Haha thanks Mark....... well.... so, that’s my dad, and my better half! This is in my basement, my dad has been coming over about once a week to work on this with me. The wall was built by my grandfather, as well as the houses and radio station during the Great Depression our of cheese boxes!

Open mouth, change feet!  😆

I had no idea how old you are.  Actually this is a bonus; another young fellow building a layout!!  Three generations on the layout!!  👍🏻 No one in my family was ever interested in trains.

So last weekend we got our Xmas tree. Got it all set up and decorated. Rebekah says, we need a train under this tree! Well hot dam I jumped on that faster than a jack rabbit on a date! Off to eBay to grab that LW that I’ve always wanted (the pinnacle of Christmas layout memories) then right directly over to Menards to scoop up a loop of O42 track. It all arrived today and we couldn’t think of a better set to run than my grandfathers 1941, 1684 and coach!

and, speaking of rabbits, Olivia the house bunny had to come and investigate this strange smelling thing under her tree!



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