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After nearly 9 years up in my basement, I have dismantled my layout.  I have bought a new home and I am selling the one I have.  A new layout will be put together in the new home using most of my old layout.  There will be a lot or work to do to get it up and running as the new layout will not take up the entire basement.  It will exist in a "L" shaped train room.  I have packed up all my trains and removed all the benchwork legs.  I am looking at finding temporary storage for the trains and dismantled benchwork.


When I get up and running again I will initially run a 2 track subway capable of running 2 trains simultaneously.  Currently my old layout, regardless of the size, could only run a single train as it was effectively one large loop.  Further plans will then include a 3 track elevated to run over the subway.  I have built 91 inches of elevated structure already. That will mean 5 trains running at one time! 


Highlights of the new layout include connecting the subway to the elevated via a ramp, having the express track of the elevated run over the local track for a 2 tier elevated structure (double EL), and moving the train yard to the center of the layout.







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Brian, the house footprint is 35x42.  The basement is finished and will be partitioned into 3 sections.  The train room will be 23 feet long at its widest (left to right in the diagram) and 18 feet long at its longest (top to bottom in the diagram).  The room is "L" shaped. I will build a wall separating the train room from the remainder of the basement.  The basement will have a second family room containing all my living room furniture, lamps, and fixtures and a 55 inch TV.   Also there will be a dining entertainment room that will contain all my dining room furniture and fixtures.  The main family room and dining room will be on the main floor.  It is a large house (brand new) WITHOUT a garage.  Very happy about that as there is no wasted space (I always view Staten Island garages that way).


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