These photos show the steel towers on the east end. I had to leave most of them out as I don’t have 45’ to do the entire bridge. Yes I said 45 ‘. It was a long bridge. I used Plastruct shapes and Central Valley girders in the construction. They are a real bear to paint. Also shown is a jig for assembling one of them. They are all different. I will post more as it happens.



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Wow George, why didn't you build something big?

From #1, is this the plant at Narrows? Born in Bluefield, college at Tech, so that is almost backyard.

Looks like we need to come to Raleigh to see your creation... after the virus goes away. Stay safe.


Thanks for all the compliments.Blame it all on Scott Mann. He decided to do the EL2’s. That was what started this. Am waiting for the Battleship gons. The power plant is at Glen Lyn. It was commercial power not the railroads power plant. It was served by the VGN and the N&W. Supposedly there are still catenary poles on the grade of the spur off the VGN.

There are a LOT of trees. Probably close to a thousand.

If you are in Raleigh after the troubles are over let me know. Tours can be arranged.


Why not post these layout progress updates in one thread? This is your third thread on the topic in one day. It will make it easier to follow if they are in one place.

George Lasley posted:

I wanted to post all as one but it would not take. So I worked around. George

George...I have moved this to the structures forum.  You can just keep responding to this thread to keep everything together....great build!

Here are the latest photos of progress today. There are three showing the construction of the deck girder section.  The girder part is a piece of half inch plywood with 1” brass strips for stiffness. This then is covered with styrene sheet and angles. The ties were cut from strip wood, stained and the rails spiked down. The others show the section installed. At some point there will be catenary added and the whole structure will be weathered lightly. The whole thing is quite sturdy. I pulled down on it and nothing gave.



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Here are some of the latest shots of progress on the bridge. The first shows the last two steel towers on the west end. The N&W is beside the road.

The second is of the sides of the trusses for the main part of the bridge. The plastic side is for looks and the brass part behind is for strength. The pairs of laminations will be joined by laser cut spacers.

The last two show the finished east end with a set of VGN EL2’s-b’s nosing out onto the bridge. I have also installed some facia to finish off the scene.

One more showing the Chief Superintendent of the Railroad. His name is B.


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That is really going to be a sweet bridge, that is really some beautiful work on the sections.  Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing with us.

Hey George,

This is some great modeling. Can't wait to see the finished product. Based on the 3 rail track under the bridge it looks like you have a "hybrid" layout like me.


And now we get into the meat of this bridge. There are 6 truss spans, each about 32” in length. They are 8” tall and spaced about 3” apart. The first picture shows one of the brass truss sides along with the soldering iron used to build them. It is a 250 watt iron that I used when I built leaded glass windows many years ago. The other pictures show the laminated plastic and brass sides.   There are laser cut spacers between. More spacers are on the way and each vertical post will have one.  The jig holding the sides holds them vertical and the correct distance apart. It is constructed from .080 styrene. The paint can is a vital part of the jig as it provides the weight to keep it in place. Add CA, Goo and plastic solvent and you get trusses.



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