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Good afternoon everyone, when my next door neighbor found out I was a train buff, he told me he had some old AF stored up in his attic and I told him I'd love to see them someday whenever he gets them down.  This morning he dropped by and said that he would be back in about an hour and he would bring his trains for me to look at and see what I thought about them, he said it was just a couple of boxes and he'd drop them off to me.  Turns out it was 3 large boxes and 1 shipping container box with a transformer box inside.  When he said "up in the attic," I got this really bad feeling they were going to be a bunch of junk that had seen much better days when they were new.  Well much to my chagrin, the 3 large boxes were not in good condition at all because of the heat but the stuff inside was in pretty good condition, the trains and accessories plus the track are in outstanding condition.   Here are a few pics to show you what I'm talking about.

I have no idea what these are worth or what to even offer him in case he changes his mind and doesn't want to just give them to me.  Does anyone have any idea as what I should or could offer him or what they are worth?  I'm sure they may have been run at some time but they haven't been abused or mistreated, they look to be in super condition.  I'm not sure if these were originally a train set or were some of them just add-on's to a set.  Sorry guys, I know nothing about AF so I'm hoping some of you guys will have some good advice and tid-bits to pass on to me.

Thanks for your help guys, I'm looking forward to hearing what the way more knowledgeable than I have to say.   Have a great weekend.


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Original Post

He has a 48T set (the royal blue, 633 boxcar, 631 gondola, 630 caboose and the No. 2 transformer.) The 350 Royal Blue is the early production with the indented tender sides. All other items were a later separate purchase addition. Nothing unusual or rare but still nice and in excellent condition. I will do a rough estimate that there is $500 retail, half of that to a reseller. There are some AF sellers here, lets see what they say.

That is the less common 4 rail fence version of the 771 stockyard. The double door action car for it is in the first set of pictures. Add another $120 retail for those three accessories. The track is worth maybe $1.00/section.

It looks like there are several OB's there. They are hard to value by photograph but accessory boxes with legible number stamps can be valuable, depends on the accessory.

That all looks like what l saw in the stores at Christmas when l was wanting to add to my Marx, and l know nothing about Flyer. The two neighbor cousins each had Atlantic sets (each other's cousins).  If l was offered that, l'd pay the price, and learn something about Flyer.  Wonder what the contemporary UP Northern and tender, same era, link couplers, go for?  $!!, I'd guess.

AmFlyer, Colorado hirailer and train david, thanks for your comments as well, my neighbor asked me to go ahead and list the stuff on the For Sale or Trade list, I'll get that done in the very near future, he's in his 70's or early 80's and no longer wants to keep them.  Thank you everyone who has commented on them and I hope they will find a good home.

Cheers to all,

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