Was checking out eBay last week when I accidentally came upon a little engine that caught my fancy.  I thought it was rather cute so I put in my bid. And low and behold I actually won it without a struggle.  It is the Lionel K-line 6-21230 Ringling Brothers Barnum Baily Porter Steam.  Well I got it day before yesterday and have been having a fun time just watching this cute little machine run the tracks of my Tombstone Southwest layout.  I thought you might enjoy seeing it run around crazy so I made a little video.  I'm not very good at working the video software, but here it is on YouTube.  I hope you enjoy it.


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I don't know why that is so funny to watch but it just makes me laugh

Thanks for the fun , and peek at a very nice layout.


Great video I got the same locomotive for y birthday two days ago

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These are Great little engines. I really like mine. I wonder who ended up with the molds after the K-line / Lionel dust up?

I would be happy to get a few more of these for my railroad but nobody has made more of them in the almost 10 years since the end of the brief K-Lionel period.

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That is just fun to watch whizzing about.  


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It's fun playing around with this engine, but I guess the smoke apparatus is kaput, since I have been running it now for some time but can't get any smoke from it.

Al B.


Al B.

I've looked a couple of times and I can't see anyone driving or stoking that little engine.


Expect a visit from the government and the union folks. 


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Thanks G. I pumped in more fluid and ran it for about 15 min. I had it pulling a flat car. Suddenly noticed it derailed. When I checked I found that the screws came off the coupler and it was sitting along side the track. Fixed the problem and started running. Low and behold it started smoking. Thanks for the help.

Al B


Al B.

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