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Hello everyone,

Here’s my new method, again this is just my way of doing this repair. I’m sure there’s many other methods of doing this. I used to repair it from the underside , it’s just not full proof, I feel This method is. There’s quite a few videos for you to view below.

Thanks for looking, Alex


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@Alex M posted:

Hey guys, thanks for the kind comments.

I felt the old method from underneath could still pull away, this new method is pretty much bullet proof.

Thanks, Alex

Well so far Alex the old method is holding for me.  If it goes again I'll give the new method a shot.  Thanks for posting.  I tend to find myself bookmarking your posts!

@NYC 428 posted:

Good info, thanks for sharing.

Excellent work, by the is the burned up big boy coming along?

And have you been able to determine the cause?

It’s up and running again ! Here’s a short video. Sorry I didn’t realize I wasn’t pointing the camera in the wrong direction. As for the cause  to difficult to determine, to many parts burnt up. I will post more details about this on my original thread about this.


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I recently did this repair to my big boy. But instead of using gorilla glue for the fake coal bits, I used clear silicon. The silicon sticks well to the rubber coal load and also the extra coal bits used to cover the metal wire and clasp. The added advantage is that the silicon remains soft and the coal load deforms better when it is depleting.

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