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This is my Dog bone layout, it's 12" above the table.  At this point there isn't any way for people to get up there.   Any ideas of making an elevator ?   Also ideas for use of the inside edge of the circle,  what to use for a fence .   I got some sheets of brick paper ( scrapbook supplies )  for around the station.  It's  way out of scale but not too bad from a distance.   I lack the skills for detailed scenery so all suggestions welcome. 


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DSC04456 [1024x768)

DSC04457 [1024x768) 

DSC04459 [1024x768) - CopyDSC04461 [1024x768)


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My first thought is two stairways angled, in a pyramid fashion,  the station  capping it. Dramatic, but a hazard for folks to cross the rails, etc.

Inside the loop(s) looks clear enough for a "switchback" or square staircase and maybe an elevator. (Gotta have stairs first )

 Charlie's Glass Elevator do anything for you ? (Willy Wonka)

An operating elevator?  Wouldn't be too hard, the door action would be the biggest challenge imo. Up & down; easier.

Premade wood dollhouse stairs. Hobby Lobby, etc. No detail, just zig zag cut wood. They come in different scales. (I think we made this set though)



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I won't disagree with "it's fine". But detail doesn't have to be scale to be fun or tell a story. It can simply set the stage for the viewer's whimseys to root too. (i.e. no's just there.

.....why did I make an Oriental Noodle Shop?...I have no clue. I thought I was building a coach car, but it is now a noodle shop.

Looks ok to me 

stairs/elevator alone is worth 10sec. of thought per person I bet. Even if it doesn't interest them much. The thought might entertain a child "forever".


You want a fence on the inside of the upper dogbone? I like the little hedges- I think they look fine as they are-no fence. I would keep it simple and whimsical. If you want to get up there, how about adapting the Lionel pedestrian bridge? Your upper level is quite high, so you might need to do a little creative kitbashing.637115-01


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Thanks for all the good suggestions,  it would be a long climb up the stairs, 48 scale feet.  Maybe I could use a piece of 4" pvc pipe and pretend there is a circular staircase  inside like a Lighthouse. 

Adriatic,  I've never done a thread on the tri level layout,  it's a portable layout, the verticals are pvc pipe so it comes apart pretty easy.  Held together with gravity and power is feed through a pipe.  I use it for Marx trains. 

DSC04493 [1024x768)



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I have a few old hex or octo card tables like that too ..... thanks, I like that idea.

A tall rectangle box with portions cut away for a square SPIRAL frame? (there's the word I needed).. with landings between flights, etc.

The box idea could be enclosed with just doors/signs for stairs and elevator. 

A plexi/lexan box for an elevator shaft? (static, but visual treat). Pinstripe for the framework, etc..  could be a display case bashed if you wanted. A solid wall or 2-3?.  Stairs in one would be more work than an elevator cab, but doable too.


I've decided to try and make a hedge for the inside edge of the circle.  I remember a few years ago on this  forum there was a thread called " making this from that"  ( One of the best threads ever )  Someone made a hedge from green scrubbing pads.  So that's what I'm trying. 

I found this 6"x9" piece at my local Ace Hardware and cut it into 1" strips 

DSC04497 [1024x733)

Then I turned the printed side facing each other, overlapped the joints and hot glued them together. 

DSC04500 [1024x768)

Then I drilled 1/16" holes in the plywood and pushed #16 wire nails up through the holes ( tight fit ) 

DSC04507 [1024x630)

Next I pushed the green scrubbing pad down over the nails.  the joints do show,,

DSC04512 [1024x767)

So I think the answer is to stand a figure in front of it. 

DSC04513 [1024x767)

I think I can live with this idea and a little fine tuning , so I'll continue with it. 

DSC04510 [1024x505)




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I was going to suggest bashing a pedestrian overpass for people to get to the upper level, but Will beat me to it.  I did that for my station recently.  I used the Lionel version, but if you can find the MTH version (30-9066 or 30-9053) it would be easier to bash since the safety bars are vertical instead of the crisscross Lionel safety bars.



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I finished making the hedge for one side today so thought I'd share some pictures. 

I mentioned earlier that I got the green scrubbing pads at Ace Hardware at $1.79 each.  I was going to need a bunch more.   I researched and found a local janitorial supply house and they sold me a box of 20 for $12. that's only .60 cents ea. Big savings. 

DSC04518 [1024x768)

DSC04520 [1024x768)

DSC04522 [1024x474) 


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A purple hat on the old man with a cane and you've got Wonka incognito. Nothing stopping you from trying the whole outfit.  Water based acrylic craft paint will wash off if you hate it. (Wallmart, etc... Applebarrel under $1 2oz. Gloss for wet/ hi shine. Satin for most shines/ some highlights (✓ Wonka in Satin), flat/matte for everything else. Lighten colors w/white for highlights.

A cheap way to learn and practice, easy cleanup. Easy to thin if you need to. After a few months it can handle water enough to clean it.  It will come off with a short soak and toothbrush even a few years later. It's delicate at first, but gets harder after a while (week/month, kinda varies by color) Now if you want, topcoat With light coats of clear or hairspray to protect better.H airspray willalso wash off. 

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