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Could you start out with one of the MTH RK rotary plows?  I have one of the first D&RG rotaries they made.  Started adding a cupola because I wanted to turn it into an ARR rotary.  Had just started the project, using an Atlas extended vision caboose cupola, when a MTH Premier ARR Rotary hit ebay for a nice price.  You would have a frame with rotating blades you could fashion your own body if modifying the wood sheethed body wouldn't fit your needs.

Hancock52 posted:

Very nice print indeed. The process seems to have come on since I had any O scale shells done, which is now 3 or 4 years ago. Is it reasonably sturdy or will you have to handle it like glass? 😁

I use a company called shapeways. I had them print these engine shells 5 years ago.20190429_233711

They are very strong, given adequate width of walls. These engines have been through alot and have held up very well.

The company uses a nylon powder, added layer upon layer, in a heated environment, and uses lasers to heat up the powder to its melting point. Because of this it requires no bracing. Very easy to model in.


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coach joe posted:

Tom the caboose looks very god.  It's hard to believe it's been 5 years since you started on the diesels.

I know. And the dummy unit isn't even close to done yet. Hopefully i will have the discretionary funds in the next year or two to get that done. It still needs 200-300 dollars worth of parts to get it where I want. It still needs a frame, wheel sets, and a sound system.

p51 posted:

I assume you're going to eventually model the large diesels they have on the way?

I'm worried how the line will do this season due to certainly decreased ridership from the cruise ships coming into Skagway...

Don't know if you heard but Carnival Cruise purchased the White Pass almost 2 years, so assuming they stay in business everything should be good. Carnival Corp. Invests In Alaska With White Pass & Yukon Rail Buy

@oscar golf posted:

GE 107 and one other just went by the house at the stern of a barge load of scrap iron.  Hopefully, they're not  destined to be scrap too.

Good news! They’re headed for the Durango & Silverton in Colorado.


Tom, I’m in Juneau and I’d love to check out your shovelnoses...I have permission from the wife to start collecting some O gauge stuff and those look like a really nice setup! A friend/next door neighbor has a 3D printer and he’s always looking for stuff/excuses to print.

Starting in the 1960s the White Pass railroad started shipping led and zinc concentrates out of the Yukon by way of Skagway. This was achieved using a fleet of trucks and an intermodal yard in Whitehorse known as Utah Yard. This was all made possible with the use of specially designed ore containers, that could move the concentrate to an ore loading facillity in Skagway. Today these containers are known as Anvil Ore Containers after the Anvil Mine they were used for in Faro, Yukon Territory, Canada. They have been produced by LGB but never made in O-scale that I'm aware of. This prohect has been in the back of my brain for a long time. Finally starting to take shape.



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