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Here is my final big($$ wise) purchase for this year, a 1908 vintage Bing for Bassett-Lowke GWR County of Northampton 4-4-0 in live steam for gauge 1.   She wants to run but I have to reseal the sight glass on the back head before I can try on steam again.   Like my other vintage live steamer, a Midland Railway 4-4-0 "Compound" that dates from 1911, she is an alcohol fired pot boiler.   I have my contacts in the UK looking for passenger coaches now for both engines, probably a 3 car train for each locomotive.  That will be the next "big" purchases and probably not till next spring.   AD

GWR County of Northampton


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@artfull dodger , your posts inspired me to pick up a Bassett-Lowke live steamer. I've been trying to find a copy of instructions or other details on the eccentric crank positioning. I've used photo comparisons of other engines but was wondering if you were aware of specific guidance or information. I suspect this one had experienced a cab fire using the original burner and the entire burner and fuel tank was missing.

Again, the main thing for me was the mechanical guidance on the eccentric crank positioning. The crank pin is a threaded post with a jam nut that locks the position to the wheel. Mine was loose.

I was trying to use this picture as a reference but it's just not at a great angle to really judge.

A picture of the engine as I got it.


I also took note of your previous topic where you installed a gas burner and I happen to have that exact same gas burner-since mine is missing the original alcohol burner- this seems like a good fix if I decide to run on steam VS compressed air.

So again, your posts have been a huge inspiration into this O gauge aspect of live steam.


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