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After building layouts for others it is time to do one for me. It will be a combination of 2 rail (VGN) and 3 rail (N&W). The location is Glen Lyn, VA where the VGN crosses the New River and the N&W on a huge bridge which is now gone. Google Glen Lyn for pictures.

The first photo is the empty room.  The second shows the benchwork at water level. The VGN track is appproximately two feet above this. The third is the shelf with backdrop installed. Fourth is the structure under the river bottom. Next is a photo of the bridge drawing. Last shows the facia installed with first coat of paint.

I will post more as things progress.


Opps, forgot the very last showing the wall brackets for the upper level. They are quite sturdy and I can lean on the shelf.


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Time to grab a bag of popcorn and sit back and enjoy the show!  This should be highly educational and entertaining!  Thanks for taking the time to document and share!


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The bottom of the river bed is around 46 or so inches. This is so I can duck under fairly easily. The N&W tracks will be three or four inches higher. The top of the bridge is about seventy five inches. This is so you look up at the bridge as you would have when it was standing. As I said Google Glen Lyn VA and look at the images. It is a truly impressive bridge. It also had catenary on it.



Thank you for the reply. I love to see steamers and 1st generation diesels crossing rivers and such. I'm planning an around the room layout with a center peninsula. My plan is to use a lot of bridges and viaducts.

Looking forward to see your layout evolve.



I admire your work on The Duckunder layout and am looking forward to following your progress .... I love the legs on the section of the layout!

They look like simple 2x2s with plywood triangles but the design is really interesting ... can you go into some detail about them?



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First a correction to a previous answer: The bottom of the river bed is 51” above the floor. I did not feel like going downstairs to measure last night.

Now about the legs: They are a simple 2x4 upright on a short 2x4 foot. The plywood triangles are attached with screws after the upright is plumbed vertical. The plywood bracket supports the 1x2 stringers that support the plywood. All the screws are star drive heads, they are much easier to put in with a drill. The design came about to keep the leg footprint as small as possible. The aisles will be narrow in places so this allows lots of toe kick space. Hope all this is understandable.

The motive power will be a set of EL2b electrics and a couple of FM diesels as the fires had been pretty well dropped by the time I am depicting.


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