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Ever since I saw Lionel Bipolar Polar Express I have been thinking about something similar in Standard Gauge.

I have a MTH #318E and have decided that would be the beginning of the new set. Since the Polar Express is usually something that you normally run in the Holiday Season I decided I would only replace the engine shell for the Holiday Season. 318E shells are not very expensive under $100.00.


I have painted the shell an I am still cleaning the brass.


I won one of the MTH auctions today for a set of unpainted 300 series cars. So now to decide on the car paint.

The car body will be Polar Express Blue. I know the movie the cars had black roofs or white for the snow. Should I paint the passenger car roofs black, white or should I paint them the Polar Express berry color like the engine?


Scott Smith


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+1 for not doing the snow version.  (Even though that's the set I have for o Gauge).

You are far more into tinplate than I am Scott, but to me part of the attraction of the tinplate trains is the crisp smooth colors.  If you did them totally white, I'm not sure how that might affect the overall look of the set.

Of course if that aspect isn't really important to you, it's your set, but you asked for opinions....

Nice job on the engine so far!


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