I'd like to present to Y'all the first runs on my newly upgraded Postwar Layout. It's called Flint Rock Valley Lines.

I just finished upgrading my 8'x8' layout. For the first time ever I'm able to run two trains simultaneously. Still need to wire everything, but it's coming along nicely. 

(Is 12 turnouts too many? lol) 

Hope Y'all enjoy the view. 


Cheers from Texas, 



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Rio Grande
224 AB
Inner & Outer Loops
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NJCJOE posted:

That's a fun layout. Well done.

You may want to post those videos in the thread below and give some members a heart attack on how close your tracks are to the edge of the table.


Thank you Sir! 

What's wrong? I don't see a problem (might be hanging a off a wee bit, ehh)... Lololol

I still need to fur out the ends. When done it should have a plexiglas outer guard. 


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Excellent, just excellent.  As a kid growing up in the PW era this is the kind of stuff I used to dream about.  I'm 73 and it still gives me goose bumps.  Thanks for posting.  BTW, the only way to run PW trains is fast.

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12 switches? Only 12? Great layout- love the classic look. It's what got us all hooked on the hobby in the first place.

2016-03-01 17.51.08

2016-03-14 22.02.20


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Flint Rock Valley posted:

(Is 12 turnouts too many? lol)

 Not at all. My old(1971) 12x6 O-27 layout has 25. It really can be too much... it's crowded.

Classic sounds and action!

I can just about smell the Ozone!

Fantastic experience. Thanks for sharing your PW layout and equipment.



I had a reply from bigdodgetrain saying I need to change my avatar before it gets removed. I don't see it, or my avatar. The one that was removed was of a lionel train. I'm very new to posting here, can someone please explain what an appropriate avatar would be? 


Sorry about my lack of knowledge above^^... but Thank You Guys for your comments on my layout, they're much appreciated!! 

Flint Rock Valley posted:

I'm very new to posting here, can someone please explain what an appropriate avatar would be?

A picture of you.

There was a guy that used to post his wonderful 40's/50's layout here. His pictures looked like something Lionel would shoot for a promotional pamphlet. Much like the New York Showroom layout in the late 40's. Don't remember his name but his layout was just the right blend of toy and scale detail. Don

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That is just awesome.  That had to be some trick to get everything in and working so well.

I do have a criticism.  I have a cardiac defibrultor in my chest.  When I saw your train coming down the outside track I could swear I felt my defibrultor kicking into high gear 


Really nice. This is the type of layout I plan. Not heavy with realistic scenery etc. More so celebrating the trains and accessories themselves from the postwar era. Good job.

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Alright Folks, I hope y'all didn't think I was planning on leaving the track hanging off the edge like it was. For those of you that shuttered- NO more "Death Valley"... finally furred out the bench work today, & the door even opens nicely around it. 


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Bye Bye Death Valley

Here is a few current pictures of my layout. Anyone have any criticisms, ideas, thoughts? I am doing my best to achieve an all postwar theme here at Flint Rock Valley.   

I know one thing is for sure... I sure am enjoying putting this together (as well as being able to share w/ ALL Y'all likeminded Folks! 


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First time to ever service an engine. Have only put several on the rails, the rest are waiting till I go through them first.
This is this engines first run. I love how quiet & fast it is. It just screams around the track! 

I picked this up in a large set I purchased years ago. It's the 1569 box set, along w/ the boxes entire contents, all in nice condition. Looks great finally making its rounds on the track. 

Hope Y'all are having a Great Day, 



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202 UP Alco Diesel

Great 50's lay-out! Reminds me of mine of the late 70's.

Now reaching for realism.

To each their own, makes the hobby interesting to a wide variety of poeple.

While I am personally a more modern leaning towards High Rail, I love to see the Post War layouts.  There is just so much to see and look at!  Nice layout!  Thanks for sharing.

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That's a terrific PW layout. I like all the Lionel and Plasticville, and that you've incorporated that western town. Very cool!

Thanks so much for all the comments & + feedback!     

While I am still very new to posting on this forum, when I have new things (pics & vids) to share- Do I just keep adding them here, or do I create a new topic? I do not know... Tia for any input on this.

Very Nice. I want to say thanks for taking the time. The Vid is great, Layout Awesome, and I just had my 675 rebuilt, so my grandkid will enjoy with me, so Thanks!

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