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Late Nite Passenger Service w/ the Dual Horn 2023 Alcos & the 2356 Southern F3. Been awhile since I knocked the dust off the UP’s wheels. Installed new batteries, freshly greased gears, & axles oiled down the line. She’s humming right along…
Love that dual tone sound!!
〰️📢 〰️📢

Hope ALL Y’all Postwar Lionel Fans are having a great evening!


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Dual Horn 2023’s

Late Nite Passenger Service w/ the Dual Horn 2023 Alcos & the 2356 Southern F3. Been awhile since I knocked the dust off the UP’s wheels. Installed new batteries, freshly greased gears, & axles oiled down the line. She’s humming right along…
Love that dual tone sound!!
〰️📢 〰️📢

Hope ALL Y’all Postwar Lionel Fans are having a great evening!

Love that dual horn sound too! I wonder if I could squeeze two horns into one of my diesels? Got me looking now!


Next up to roll into the Engine Yard here @ FRV are these two F3’s I’d picked up a month or so ago from my hobby shop (when I bought the 746, 2360, & the 2356). I’ll be stripping down this 2343P & swapping out the truck assemblies on to my 2343T. Secondly, I’ll be dismantling this 2383P truck assemblies & placing them on my 2343C B Unit. Doing this shall create an ALL Powered ABA combination on my original 2343 Santa Fe F3 Diesels… it should make for a strong puller w/ Triple the Growl!

(And don’t Y’all worry, I have another B Unit that came w/ these two donors which I’ll gladly remodel to house the powered trucks. )


Images (7)
  • Donor 2343P
  • My original 2343T
  • Donor 2343P & original 2343T
  • My original 2343C
  • Donor 2383P
  • Donor 2383P & original 2343C
  • My original 2343 ABA Set

Get comfortable & turn the Volume ON 🎚… for this 6 minute view 🎥 🎞 of the Trains of FRV 🛤. Read the description, if’n ya care to.

I create these clips purely for Y’all’s Enjoyment & nothing more! I only climb on top of the layout when absolutely necessary, & to be able to share w/ Each of You is worth every moment!

If y’all like what you see, lemme know…
Hope Y’all enjoy the view,
& As always: Thanks for Watching!!

From My Trains to Yours,
~ Eli

Today’s clip is brought to you by:
One Uncoupled Car & a Lost Log.

Here’s some Log Train action for Y’all.
I previously had a half track w/ bumper installed coming off the backside of the UCS, which is the third inside siding off the outer loop. Scrapped the bumper & half track, & added a curved section of O31. At some point (yet to be determined) I’ll get around to fashioning my custom trestles & creating a special bumper for the tracks end. I’ll also need to cut said track at tape marked point, which is as long as I can comfortably make it, to allow the operation of two log dump cars to perform correctly.
I’ve sped this clip up @ 2x, so y’all can view quickly & be on your way w/ other merriment of train things elsewhere.

Happy Railroading from FRV!!!


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Log Train

Got a few things Delivered today.
All items were separate purchases. - The engine & tender came together, boxed.
- The 2 pack of cars came together, no boxes.
- And the 4 pack came together, Factory Sealed.

The 6-38097 should be here on Wednesday. And still looking to find the 6-29181 Diner Car w/ Station Sounds to wrap up this set. If you got a line on one, please let me know.

From the Trains here @ FRV,
hope Y’all enjoy the Picture Show!


Images (23)
  • 6-38000 boxed 6-29178 2 Pack no boxes 6-29173 4 Pack Factory Sealed
  • NYC ESE 5429
  • NYC ESE 5429
  • These Engineers are riding around in style!
  • 5429 Tender
  • 6-29179 Levi P. Morton Parlor Car
  • 6-29180 Alonzo B. Cornell Railway Post Office Car
  • Yep… 💪🏻
  • Aerial view of items.
  • Hmmm, what’s in here?
  • Oh Goodness!
  • Now that’s a nice stack!
  • I have never in my life had the pleasure of untwisting ties on trucks. Was a nice feeling!
  • All unboxed.
  • What a nice set!
  • BC5BE53B-C66C-49BE-BC1F-ACF7EF85A331
  • 6-29180
  • 6-29179
  • 6-29174
  • 6-29175
  • 6-29176
  • 6-29177
  • Rear of Observation Car.

I haven’t been able to find a 2344 or 2354 ABA set in worthy enough shape to purchase. Soooo…

I figured this absolutely pristine NIB MPC era Complete NYC F3 ABA Passenger Set shall tide me over till that day does come. These just arrived minutes ago. Y’all & myself included will have to wait for the unboxed version, as I am super busy right now. Looking forward to seeing this on the rails here @ FRV!

Hope Everyone is have a Wonderful Afternoon!




Images (4)
  • Another Beautiful Stack of Trains
  • 328DA7EA-858D-47C5-A002-3CEB7C9FBA67
  • 228E95B1-CFBE-4AFB-BA90-1F57A3FD9CD5
  • 0C72ADA5-CC5B-42F4-89C6-B18FAD9642D0

One of those BIG Brown Box Trucks just stopped by. They dropped off the two boxed O72’s, brand new. Along w/ the other pair (one boxed, one not) & these 16 sticks of O72 curved track, the elevated outer loop is complete & now ready to continue fabrication. Since I have some bigger trains, they’ll need their room to roll properly down the rails. The elevated inner loop will most likely be O54. But having these four new switches, most of the larger trains will now have the capacity to change their directions. A long while back I’d built & created a platform that houses five O22’s, which is at the upper end of the horseshoe loop coming up from the main level. These will enable a train to travel upwards & traverse onto either of the inner or outer elevated loops. Since the main level is almost all O31 as well as the switch platform, none of the larger trains will have the ability to go downwards. Being I have these new large switches, I am completely fine w/ them staying up top yet still can change their directions.
If you’re not familiar already, I’ve added a few pics & a test clip of said platform in the comments to help better understand what I’ll be creating in FRV’s future.

Happy Friday to Y’all Tube Trackers!



Images (5)
  • Parts for elevated outer loop.
  • Mock up of switch platform.
  • O22 Switch Platform
  • Material is 1/4” Clear Acrylic Plexiglas
  • Mock up of finished platform.
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Switch Platform Test

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