My rocks Good or bad?

John H posted:

In the second picture four of them have too much blue. The rest of them look great!


The rocks do look great, is that painted foam, casterd plaster, other?

The only thing that looks a little funny right now is that the corner to the left of the bridge is almost recessed compared to the other two rock faces.  Corners normally protrude.  It could look different once ground cover is there, but that is an honest observation  




It all depends if you are trying to model a specific region. I attached an image of an Appalachian Mountain Cliff. Similar to yours, but with some buff and reddish hue's.

But honestly, to my eye GREAT!  I like the strong contrast, highlights & shadows. Very pleasing to look at. Looks like you're testing the waters, experimenting is the only way to achieve the desired effect that's pleasing to you. I'd be extremely happy with that formula and would be interested in your process to achieve your effect.

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You’ve done a really nice job. I think you nailed the basic color really well. To add some of that variation that’s in the pic from Ironman1, you would just have to drybrush some buff and a slight reddish or rust tone on the protruding rock faces. You’d be surprised what a difference it makes and it would also address WSDimmena’s observation about the color being too uniform. 

hrspla posted:

The corner does stick out. They are foam rocks I bought at Entertrainment Junction  Thanks for the kind words. 

Looks nice. Maybe a little more color variance and black wash if you desire? Remember you have to like it, not us

What brand of foam rocks are they?

First of all, it's not really clear if you bought these castings pre colored or you colored them yourself. You mentioned Entertrainment Junction but I wasn't able to locate a sample to see. If you colored them yourself, that would be the medium to start with, acrylics, oils, enamals, etc.

There is so much on the internet for suggestions. I've attached a couple of You Tube videos below, showing some plaster casting coloring. Foam should be pretty much the same technique but I would suggest trying some inexpensive tube acrylic paint. You may want to start with the smaller size tubes and try various colors. When you find the colors you like, then invest in larger tubes. Since your diluting the paint for washes, a little goes a long way. The foam brushes are cheap and easy to use, or you could even try an eye dropper to let the colors flow into the crevices.

Remember, like other forum members have suggested, it really only has to look good to you, so go with what you like. If you have a section that you are happy with, move on to another area, try to duplicate and experiment with some other colors and techniques, rather than mess up something you're happy with. Don't be afraid to have dramatic contrast since most of the time you or guests will be viewing from a distance and you don't want to loose the effect by being too timid. Once you come to a technique you like, stick with it as well as the colors, unless you're trying to model different geographic locations, you want a uniform look throughout your layout. It's really hard to mess up and should be fun and stress less!

One last thing, color will have a different appearance under a variety of lighting.

All I would add is to take a really small brush and dab on a little white glue on the top flat edges of the protruding rocks.  Then I would lightly sprinkle some ground foam on the still wet glue.  That adds the hint of some vegetation.  A little bit of small pieces of lichen added here and there would also help.  The colors look spot on.  Russ

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