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I finally did it, pulled the trigger on a Rigol DS1104Z-S Plus 100 MHz Digital Oscilloscope!   Boy oh boy, this thing has practically infinite capabilities!  It's not only a 4-trace 'scope, it's also a two channel signal generator with arbitrary waveform generation capability!  If that's not enough, it's also a 16 channel digital logic analyzer as well!

Still trying to learn my way around it, sure has more features than my previous bench 'scope!  I still have to get the 16-channel logic analyzer cable to complete the package, that's coming soon.


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We started buying Rigols for work a few years ago. Prices, especially at the end of the year model changes, can be pretty incredible. I picked up a 100MHZ straight digital scope, not mixed signal, with function generator a few years ago. They offer a Windows app for them as well for integrating data to spreadsheets or further analysis.


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@rplst8 posted:

Nice!  Those Rigols are pretty sweet from what I’ve read about them.  

I picked up a mid to late 90s 500MHz Tek with the FFT/Math package for a song about a year ago. It had the CRT and color shutter replaced by an aftermarket LCD package already. I paid less for the whole scope than what the LCD kit costs. And it had already been recapped!

I thought about the 200mhz model, but I don't really do anything that approaches 100mhz that I need to 'scope.  I have to say, compared to my previous dual-trace ATTEN 'scope, this one has rampant feature runaway!

20 years ago you would have paid twice as much for just the scope, about that for a good waveform generator, and twice that for the logic analyzer.

It looks like an all-around good deal.

Yep, I've wanted a 4-channel scope for years, but the availability of the logic analyzer and function generator included finally pushed me over the edge.  I suspect I'll have difficulty using all the features.  One of the neat things I spotted for this one was serial data decoding, that will come in very useful for some projects I'm doing.

@rtr12 posted:

If they've added a flux capacitor, that's the one last feature and I'm in the 'can no longer resist' category!

It's on the back, not visible in this picture.

@CBQ_Bill posted:

Please educate us on the applications of your new oscilloscope to O-gauge train equipment.

Uhh... I don't think I have time to bring you up to an electrical engineering degree.   I design electronics for model train applications.


Back at my old job we had a sweet Tektronix mixed signal scope, that I would sneak some home electronics projects in at lunch and test, but new job and no more scope. Been casually looking around for a scope for home electronics projects, especially focused on home-brew electronics projects to hook up to my JMRI / CMRI conventional 3-rail layout. Keep us informed on the uses of your new toy.

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