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I was looking at the Post on affordable railroad signals.   Wow Less than $4.00 bucks for a signal is cheap.  I probably couldn't build one that cheap.  but, I have scratch built my own signals.

Base   Mast    Signal Head



The Base   3/4 Conduit  + Sheet Styrene


Add Plastruct Ladder    Platform -  and Brass Wire for handrail




Install on Layout   This signal is a different one from the one I show above.   The Searchlight built in the same way.  This signal is an exit signal from my yard lead.  Signal change from green to red, using an Atlas Twin ( DPDT ) on my control panel.  The searchlight is connected to a relay wired to an outside control rail.



Semaphore ( NJ International ) controls the other end of the yard Lead.  It is controlled by a Tortoise Switch wired to the same Atlas Twin.  Note my other signals behind the Switch Tower.




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Steve24944 posted:

But that's the whole point of having a hobby

There's a finite limit to how much time I want to spend on one small segment.   If I just needed one or two, no problem.  However, if I want 20 of them, I'd rather get them already made, plenty of other creative stuff I have to do that I can't buy off the shelf.

The GN Man posted:

Looks good, Steve. What is the source for your signal heads?

Evergreen Styrene    1/4" tube cut to hold the LED,  cut with a curved bevel at one end for the hood.  The Signal target face is sheet styrene.    I have a hand held one hole paper punch that punches a 1/4" hole in the sheet styrene.  Slide in the 1/4" tube and glue with  CA super glue.    Paint Flat Black.


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