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Hello all, here is the latest version of my track plan. I am new to O scale ( moving from up from ho). I am starting with a couple of  LC starter sets and plan to use only LC, LC+, and Legacy locomotives. The layout has 3 main loops 2 lower and one upper which I plan to power with a lionel brick or transformer at least 80 watts or more. I do not have any conventional  equipment at this time.
I will be using gargraves flex and ross switches. The tracks are designed on 4.5 inch spacing and 4.5 from the walls. I have tried to lesson the s curves as much as possible. I still need to plan sidings for industries and determine where I need access hatches. I am still working to decide how much of the upper level will be bridge track and how much will be on a deck.

Any suggestions or ideas would be appreciated ( especially on the reverse loops and crossover placement )

Specs are:
Room is 16x24
Outer main is 072 min radius
Inner line is app.063 min radius
Upper line is 054 min radius and is 8 inches above the lower tracks
Ramp up to upper level is a 1.9% grade


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One comment: if you start with the lower level track at the highest part of your diagram (top) and run counter-clockwise, you have no crossovers that will allow a train to run through on to an inner track.  All you can do is "loop" on that track when running counter-clockwise, whether you go through the left wye leg or the right wye leg.  I know that the current design allows for multiple passing sidings, but without an adjustment, the only way to get that train running on the outer loop to run on the inner loop will be to back it through a crossover.


Nice start. A few sidings for a yard or industries, a loco servicing area, town, and/or some scenery could be great. The reverse loop could easily function as a yard lead. The upper level could be perfect for a subway or EL train. A tip for the track power: use the 180W Powerhouses. If you want conventional operation, you could use the LC+ engines, since they will run in conventional mode. You'll need Legacy Powermasters; one for each track. One more thing: I'd suggest adding a 2nd crossover on the upper level so you can reverse the train and head back down to the lower level.

Here is another option I am working on for my track plan. This is just a simple design with 2 loops around the room, but I do like the long runs of it. I think it would give a lot of room to fill in with yard and industries. This plan requires me to move the door on my layout building. I need to center it, right now it is off center and opens in to the room, I am replacing the door to have it open outward so moving just adds a little more work to that project.  The door is 36" and due to the curves there will be a squeeze point down to 32"- once past that the operating area is decent size though.
Outer main 072 min.
Inner main 063 min.
Turnouts are ross 072 and 100/101's


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I like this last idea much better, but again let me make a suggestion.  Leave the door where it is and just shorten up that bottom half of the layout.  That combination will then allow you to use O81 and O72 curves, making the "minimum" for your layout O72 and allowing your equipment to look better.  By shortening up the bottom half (and I mean shorten up from left to right), your entry to the center of the layout will now be on an angle from the old door position.  I have attached a photo that might give you an idea of what I'm talking about as well as the SCARM file that created the photo.

ChuckO81 Loops Offset


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Hello everyone
   I have been reading suggestions and going through the forums, here is another drawing of track plan for my 16x24 space.
I would like feedback and opinions on design please. I have flipped the benchwork for the layout.
   This does mean I will have to have lift out bridges to enter the room.
This is just the 2 loops for the layout - still need to add cross overs, reverse loops, and industry sidings.
    I have tried working with easements to give 6 inch spacing on curves and 4.5 on straights.
All curves have easements except the curves on the one lift out on which the straights remain at 6" spacing.

The curve radius is now 0 72 min and 0 84 for outer curves.
  The operating area is 4'8" x app.10'6", I believe this should be enough room as I am a solo operator and rarely have any friends or family view the layout.


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