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jim pastorius posted:

I think sometimes you waste your time discussing problems with these new products.   Seems a few  take pains to doubt your problems and subtley suggest it must be you or the always mysterious "shipper".

Wasted time?  Not really, except for my lost hours trying to reach MTH at the beginning of this. And the trips to UPS, 45 minute one way drives to nearest MTH repair, etc.  However  it is important to stay vigilant on the discussion .   There are too many faulty TurboTrains to not be a problem in manufacturing or design.  Perhaps one person at the factory crimped wires down too much during some of the production or some other variable that is affecting a percentage of these products?  I wonder how many were made?  How many have not seen the light of day yet and sit in collections or like one VIA Rail set thats been on Ebay for over a year?    My trains get out of the boxes and run.   99% of my MTH is great.  Turbotrains are not.  Most astounding though was that Mike Wolf ignored my letter to him, which was merely a letter chronicling my TurboTrain issues and was a respectfully written plea for help.

I cannot imagine  any company choosing to ignore a long time customer.  Rather pathetic huh? Simply acknowledge the problems, take care of customers without months of hassles, and provide a solution.  Respond to calls and letters! 

  I'm out over $2,000 on these Turbotrains.  That is hard earned money that I earned providing a quality job to my employer and our customers.  MTH has had little respect for that, or they would have handled my troubled Turbo situation better. 

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Ok everyone,

As promised,  here is my final update on Turbo.   This past weekend at our club's modular setup at the New Eagle VFD Train Show,  I ran Turbo for about 2 hours continuously without a break and am happy to report that there were no mechanical issues or board failures.   Since our club operates with the Legacy system using a ZW-L(with me using my Legacy remote),  Turbo was run in conventional mode with the smoke units off.   I have never used the smoke units on Turbo,  nor do I use them on any of my diesels,  only on my steam engines.   I don't have any videos of Turbo running,  but here are a couple of photos of it on our club's layout this past weekend.   For anyone that may be interested,  I will be putting Turbo up on the FOR SALE Forum later today or tomorrow.   Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this thread.




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machinist posted:
Mr Union Pacific posted:

Is it PS 2 or PS 3?


All the MTH Turbos are PS3.   The first run was released around 2010 and the latest run was released in Feb 2014.   Mine is from the latest run,  #20-20347-1,   VIA Rail and is like the one shown in Scott's photos above in this thread.(Mine does not have all the additional coach cars).


I had the Amtrak version 2012ish and was disappointed enough to ask my local LHS for a same day refund which he reluctantly gave. I would love to have kept it but with problems out of the box I decided against it.

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