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If you saw my post about the largest privately owned live steamers layout in the east a few months back.  I finally visited today.  I want to thank Barry our host and the Pioneer live steamers club of Southwick  Mass for the invite.  

Not only does this owner have 7.25 track for the live steamers trains but also a 16 inch amusement park rescued train, two large MTH layouts, one above each garage and a ton of discarded track signals, crossing signals, yard signals and more.

Plus, you will never guess who I ran into today.  Steve Ross(Ross Custom switches), who spends most weekends with the owner working on the property which is being expanded.  Some of the turnouts were built by Steve and I ask him but I didn’t see those in your catalog.

anyway, three videos covering three divisions of the railroad plus tons of picks.  Enjoy



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I'm guessing they are not generally open to the public.  So, how did you wrangle an invitation?  I, and a lot of others here, don't live anywhere close, but I would sure like to put this on my bucket list if a visit is possible.  And, where is that place in Phoenix that GVDobler mentioned?  I have a couple of grandkids down there who might enjoy a visit with Pappy.


@superwarp1 posted:

If you saw my post about the largest privately owned live steamers club in the east a few months back.  I finally visited today.  I want to thank Barry our host and the Pioneer live steamers club of Southwick  Mass for the invite.  


That **** Gate Bridge replica is certainly impressive.

Quick research indicates the E8 carcass was from a failed roadside soda fountain attraction, which accounts for the extra portholes.   It's an ex-Pennsy unit, original number 4262.


@juniata guy posted:

With the size of this and especially the number of bridges, I’m guessing there are far more sunny weekends spent working than running trains.

I’d be curious to know what the initiation fee and annual dues are to belong.


No fees, totally private, it’s not a club which I should of made clear. friends only get invited.  Barry the owner of this property invited the Pioneer live Steamers club which I’ve been a member in the past and still know many members


There is Maricopa Live Steamers then the live steamers at McCormick Stillman RR Park in Scottsdale. The live steamers run weekends during good weather (We are in monsoon season and the park sustained a lot of damage this past week from high winds) but should be back in operation within a week of the bad storms ending.

I am not sure of the Maricopa Live Steamers schedule but they should have a website. Several of the steamers from Scottsdale also belong to Maricopa. The best time to visit is November to May, with temperate weather and little rain.

Maricopa Live Steamers - Railroad Heritage Preservation Society

Scottsdale Live Steamers - Home

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