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I am having trouble with my Lionel ZWL transformer. The Lionel insignia keeps flashing on and off when in command mode and I cannot apply power to my tracks. I am able to apply track power when the transformer is in conventional mode by applying power via handles and wheels to 18 volts. This does allow me to run my legacy and DCS engines via the CAB2 and DCS remote. I was a little nervous regarding a short and frying an engine board when operating in this mode. I decided to remove the engine from the track and cause a short by contacting the center and ground rail with a screwdriver. The result was the transformer red light went on and the track power was cut off via the transformer. It appears that is working. (Is there anybody out there that is running a ZWL in this mode? The normal way is to use TR or Engine assignment via command mode,)

The manual does mention a possible strength signal problem or ground issues. All connections were checked. Since it does work when the transformer is in conventional mode, I am sure the connections are working properly.

I have been using the transformer for the past six months and it was working fine!

Lastly, I have another ZWL and swapped it in place of the suspect transformer and all works as advertised.

I haven't contacted Lionel yet in case there is someone in the forum who has had this problem and there is a solution.

Thanks to all who have read this and can give me some help.

We all love our trains!!

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Sounds like the radio board on the ZW-L must’ve gave up the ghost. Only Lionel would be able to or even have parts to fix it. I would contact them surly they can do something. Only thing I can think to check is simply ensure that the signal binding post is securely attached to the transformer just to make sure it didn’t get loose inside and make sure you have a good connection from your base there

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