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I went Sunday.  Crowd was light.  I Bought a switcher, talked to some of the club members.  Nice to see a couple of out of towners enjoyed the show.

I believe I saw @Vernon Barry sitting at the O Gauge Train Parts booth on Sunday.  I saw his Yok name tag as he was conversing with someone else.  Not wanting to interrupt I figured I would swing back to introduce myself but I never did see him again.  At train shows you have to pull the trigger when you see it  or it may be gone, even with people I guess.

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Went to the show both Saturday and Sunday, picked up some buildings and other accessories. Thought the prices were very reasonable. The modular HO layout is quite impressive, also enjoyed the Grand Strand Model Railroad Club Christmas layout which I don’t get to see very often. A few pictures attached. Many thanks to the Grand Strand Model Railroad Club for putting this on.


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I was there Saturday morning when they first opened. I talked with a few people that I knewand picked up a few things.It was nice to have a show only 12 miles from home. Still the shows here are not like being up north. Here shows are Few and far between. The nice part about following this thread is I’m surprised some of you live so close. It’s been hard to find O gauge people around here.

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