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I recently purchased this nice A-A pair from a forum member. They are in pristine condition and run really nicely; quite happy with them.

Set 1

Here is the weird part, the manual states: Two electro-couplers, one on the front of each A-unit.

But wait; each unit has electro-couplers on both ends! When running both together with the same ID number, both respond to the F button and both to the R button. This is NOT workable because when you hit R uncouple, both unit’s rear coupler opens and the rear unit disconnects! They could operate separately if they had different ID numbers, but that would be awkward. You could use two remotes I guess, but that would be even worse.

Maybe they could be run as a lashup with the dummy designated as backwards, and the couplers may operate properly. I have not tried this. The manual has generic instructions for building a lashup, but no specific info for these units. But I want to run them as what they are; a powered and a dummy unit running in tandem using the same ID number. If they were both powered then a lashup would make some sense because you could still run each separately. But the dummy is not going anywhere without the lead unit!

One solution might be to swap the dummy unit front coupler for a fixed one, because I can't imagine a scenario in which you would need to open it. And then add a small hidden switch to defeat the powered unit rear coupler for tandem running, and switch it in for solo running.

Anyone had a similar experience, and how did you workaround it?



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