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I found these two burlap sacks mixed in with a box of pre war train accessories I bought years ago. Looked like somebody was using them as a gondola load.  I'm quite certain they were not a Lionel offering of any kind but thought perhaps Ives or Flyer or import ? Whatever the case they look ancient definitely  from the Pre War era and were well made. They're filled with sawdust and measure approx 4-1/2" x 2-1/2". 





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Nation Wide Lines posted:

I would guess it is some sort of home-made load or it is non-related to trains and a former owner had it with the trains.


That's my impression and I would have already tossed them if not for the fact that they were mixed in with pre war trains. I imagine myself throwing them out after 30 years only to find they were some kind of rare accessory . 


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pd posted:

I seem to remember seeing a small gondola that went with the Lionel tinplate army train (WWI vintage) that had a couple of burlap “sand bags” for a load. Anybody else recall that? Let me look around.

That would be interesting to see even if not the same. The size of these sacks indicate they would have to be used for Standard Gauge  or larger scales like 2-7/8 .

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