Mystery I.C.R.R. 'Mountain' 4-8-2 - New pics

Wait a minute......I had the "Mac" incorrectly lifted.   Correspondent Bob has it noted as "Mc".  Might he be the TPW Bob McMillan ?  If I recall the "Railfan" article describing the 1980 765 trips, the TPW Bob McMillan had an operations background.

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There is magnificent footage of sister 4-8-2 #2405, at 3:47, on a tape available on YOUTUBE titled "The Illinois Central ReMastered - HD 1080p".    Could not get the address to take, so one would have to do a search on 'tube.  Worth the teeny bit of effort required. Very nice locomotive.

Indeed, nice video.

mark s posted:

I have a nagging memory/suspicion that Robert MacMillan was the President of the Toledo, Peoria & Western RR, particularly when NKP 765 made two trips out of Peoria in May 1980. Do I have that correct, that he headed the "Tip Up" ?

born July 13, 1926 in Chicago Illinois

died Friday October 9, 2015

Following in the footsteps of his parents, grandfathers and uncles, he dreamed only of working for the railroad. His railroad career began in 1941, on the Illinois Central Railroad, first as an extra gang laborer, then as office boy, chainman, and fireman while in college. In 1949, he was hired at the Chicago & Eastern Illinois Railroad, advancing to become the assistant to the president in 1961. He was director of research and planning for the C&EI before moving to the Chicago & Western Indiana in 1963 as vice president and general manager where he was promoted to president in 1964. In 1966, he was named president and general manager of the Kansas City Terminal Railway. In 1968, he returned to Chicago to be the assistant to the vice president of operations of the Santa Fe Railway and stayed until 1977 when he became the president of the Toledo, Peoria, and Western Railroad until his retirement.

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Oh - wouldn't it be nice to see his collection memorialized with more photos here?

If you're referring to my Robert E. McMillan, I can post more photos of his collection that I took if the administrators and webmaster feel it wouldn't take up too much bandwidth. But a number of his models are HO, several are Chinese decorator models that are, well, decorative, but don’t represent any specific prototype, while several are huge wooden scale models. Is there a more appropriate topic to post these in if you all want to see them?

Like the earlier IC herald (in green) on the side of the cab. Perhaps a remembered artifact from  Bob McMillan's youth. 

It was noted in the above 'tube tape that 4-8-2 2405 was lensed in Jackson, MS. Perhaps the early, smaller IC 4-8-2's worked in the deep south.  The IC's second group of spoke driver 4-8-2's - outfitted with 12 wheel tanks - worked east of Freeport, IL, handling meat trains from Council Bluffs, brought over the more rugged profile of Iowa and NW Illinois by 2-10-2's. The remainder of IC's 4-8-2's were more modern, with boxpok drivers, which worked the "Mainline of Mid-America", hauling 60 mph hotshots and coal trains, with equal aplomb.

BSteinIPMS posted:

These are the only O-Gauge locomotives in Bob McMillan's collection, the rest being HO, decorative, or fantastic wooden models of a large scale. Brief captions are on each photo. Hope all is correct. Cheers! --Bob


The ATSF 318 and the ICRR 382 looks like RivaRossi plastic kit built models; the ICRR 11 might be a repainted and weathered RivaRossi Reno.



Depending on the mood of the thumbnail viewer, I was seeing descriptive text at the bottom saying which were all metal models. The viewer changed its actions before I could verify it applied to all of them, but I think it does. The thumbnail viewer doesnt work well, if at all, on many phones fyi. I just got lucky today. It can also take a long time to load when it does work(like 10min to an hour. Posting full sized allows all to see easily and sooner, no refreshing a page a few times to resume a stopped loading, etc. etc. I only recall one temporary request a few years ago to limit picture postings as the site approached an unexpected peak near a billing periods end, and it looked we might barely be exceeding a limit, but incur a much higher cost doing it. Im pretty sure staff sees photos as a draw. I know its one of the reasons I was initially drawn more to OGRF.

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