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I had posted video fr0m the Theater car (2127060) a few weeks ago but there was a glare from the car lights.  A viewer suggested I turn off the lights....Duh!  However, when I flipped the "lights" switch to off...I could not connect to the camera.  The camera apparently was not broadcasting, but I didn't realize that right away. I tried various combinations and also reset the camera a few times...still no connectivity.    The lights in my layout room are bright so it was not obvious to me the lights in the car were still on until I turned off the room lights. Sure enough they were still on. So, I flipped the camera switch to "off" and the lights switch to "on".  The camera connected in a few seconds.  Mystery solved. So for those who bought this car from the most recent deliveries and you're having trouble connecting, this may be the problem.  I have no idea if this is a common wiring error or not.  Thought it wise to post to save some frustration.  Short video showing the quality of the recording/camera. The fun starts at about the 15 sec. mark.



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Jan 13, 2022 at 10-50-52 AM
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