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I am looking for a small N&W loco, not the Class A or the J or the streamlined K4.  Wikipedia shows that N&W had hundreds of the smaller locos in their inventory, Consolidations,10 Wheelers, etc.                                                                                                                      Has Lionel ever produced these smaller engines and if so when? Thanks for your help.


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Perhaps the classic branch line N&W steam locomotive in the late steam era were the  M, M1, and M2 4-8-0 mastodons.  O Winston Link did a color photo study of the breed operating on the Abingdon, VA branch to Jefferson City NC.  Nicknamed the Virginia Creeper I assume for it's slow pace.  Today the branch's right of way is the core of the state's Virginia Creeper bike trail (I've ridden it many times).  One of the N&W 4-8-0 s (433) sits under a shelter at the trailhead in Abingdon.  A sister locomotive 475 powers steam trains on the Strasburg RR.  Sunset 3rd Rail recently imported brass 2 and 3 rail scale models of the M (info corrected  thanks Jim and HW) .

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If you want to learn about N&W motive power, there's only one place to go.  The Norfolk and Western Historical Society.  Here's a link to their online archive which includes thousands of photos, blueprints and corporate records:  Check out classes G-1 (2-8-0), M (4-8-0) and W\2 (2-8-0) which I think are closest to what you're looking for.  The N&W bought several 0-8-0's from C&O in the S-1 class which they later copied and refined as class S-1a.  That's about as close as either Lionel or MTH has ever come.  Some brass models of smaller power exist but they can be hard to find.



N&W also bought several 0-8-0s from C&O.  Lionel made 0-8-0s with TMCC in C&O livery back in the mid 2000s.  I have one and am considering changing to N&W livery.

I don't think any manufacturer has ever made the N&W 4-8-0 mastodon.  Might be nice project for 3rd Rail.   The Abingdon branch mastodons had spark arrestor stacks. Others such as the Stassburg 475 do not.

Hot Water posted:
Big Jim posted:

"Sunset 3rd Rail imported models of theM1 a few years back in 2 and 3 rail."

Actually it was a Class M. This is the big tender version.

You misquoted me. Pleas go back up and reread what I posted, i.e. the "N&W M class".  I did NOT state M1!

I didn't misquote you at all. You've been listening to too much Carly Simon. I actually quoted "KEYSTONED ED" and he has since corrected his error! Yet "TRUMPTRAIN" has made the same error! "It's LEMONADE" the sign!" 

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trumptrain posted:

N&W also bought several 0-8-0s from C&O.  Lionel made 0-8-0s with TMCC in C&O livery back in the mid 2000s.

Big Jim posted:

I think that Weaver made a 2-8-0 lettered for N&W. I haven't seen any for sale on the 'bay, but, I haven't been looking.

The Lionel 0-8-0 was a USRA version; not a S1a. It does have the headlight in the correct position but that is about all that is right. The tender isn't even close. I have all but begged Scott Mann to do a N&W S1a. There was one 2 rail version (forget the vendor name), but just too expensive to buy for a kit-bash.

Jim, Yes Weaver did do a N&W Class W2 2-8-0. I was very fortunate to buy one from here on the Forum. It was originally undecorated, was weathered and lettered for Lackawanna. My friend Walt repainted it (kept the undercarriage weathering) and lettered it for Cab #917. It runs very well, but the electronics are "dated". It has a TMCC SAW board.  FWIW, I have the Weaver 4-6-2 N&W as well. Same deal with the electronics. I'll plan to run both at the GBGH this weekend and will post some pictures.

I snagged the Weaver spreadsheets before their website shutdown. Here's the info on the N&W 2-8-0.

1810-S/L/LP 1810-S/L/SP/LPBALDWIN CONSOLIDATION / 2-8-0 DIECASTN&W / NORFOLK & WESTERN678, 690 675, 6982002 2006$495.00 $595.00 TMCCBODY/BLACK              SMOKE BOX/GRAPHITE          PRINT/WHITE


There is one Weaver 2-8-0 on eBay now, but it has the Belpaire firebox. There is a 3rd Rail Santa Fe that looks nice.

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Would love to see Scott Mann do and N&W S1a. I would definitely be in for one of these. Last steam locomotive built for an American RR. I'm sure there are a lot of guys who have A's, J's , K's and Y6's, but no S1 or S1a's. If you are a big N & W fan, this would be a must have. I have considered trying to kit bash one from and MTH or Lionel engine, but to make it accurate is a tall order.      JG






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