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A video demonstrating how to maintain and clean postwar American Flyer motive power [] recommends that interfaces between copper wheels and steel axles as well as those between copper contact “brushes” and steel axles be lubricated with a conductive contact lubricant such as Bachmann E-Z Lube. I have an American Models K4 Pacific loco and tender which was modified for DCC operation. As shown in the attached photos, the loco’s trailing truck is equipped with what appears to be a brass wheelset; both of the tender’s trucks [the front truck only is depicted in the photo] feature one steel wheelset and two wheelsets made of copper. Is it necessary to use E-Z- Lube [or a comparable product] at the above-mentioned non-ferrous contact locations on my loco and tender?  


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  • AM K4 loco rear truck
  • AM K4 tender front truck
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I have three of the AM Pacific engines. One was converted to TMCC which I run frequently on the layout. AM engines would be considered modern rather than postwar. They are built much different than the Gilbert engines. I have both the Bachmann conductive lube which is a very thin liquid, and the MG Chemicals Silver Conductive Grease. I have never used them on AM engines, no reason to. If you do decide to use them be very careful where you put it and how much is used. The American Models insulators between the wheel and axle are very thin and it would be easy for the conductive thin oil to bridge that gap.

The DCC signal information, unlike Legacy, is transmitted over the rails. If you experience DCC dropouts you could try it.

Where I use the conductive lubes is on the newer Lionel Legacy diesels at the journal boxes. These are poorly designed and out of the box most do not run well. After the factory conductor springs under the journal boxes are replaced with heavier gauge springs I use the lube to assure conductivity.

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