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Hey Guys,

My son is going to be getting a MTH B&O 0-4-0 Docksider (30-4026) set for Christmas (his first train!) that had belonged to his "Pops". I pulled it out to check make sure everything was working, and found the Work Caboose was missing the light bulb. After reviewing the MTH website it looks like this is an 18v bayonet base bulb. My question is could I get one of these from an online retailer or like the battery&bulb chain? It seems like most of what I found in my research was for automotive use or whatnot. I know MTH parts shipping is cost prohibitive for a $1 bulb.

As a side note, I'm super excited for him to get this set. I got my first Lionel train set when I was 6, which was also an 0-4-0 Santa Fe Docksider set. It just happened to work out that way, but really fun.

Thank you for any help you can provide

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Hey Chuck, I just put away a half dozen or so 1445 bulbs that came with some stuff I purchased, and I put them in my 14.4 vac bin. This is what I found at Bulbtown:


That said, I would swear I have also seen 1445's in the taller bayonet base version. Is there an 18v version also?

This is what they had for a #433 bulb:

433 bulb



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  • 1445
  • 433 bulb

Geo, GE1445 has been the standard 18volt lamp for Lionel for decades. In the past it has always been rated for 18v. # 53 is rated for 14volts. I see some on Ebay call 1445 for 14 volts.  The MTH whistle caboose would use a #57. Large dome, 14 volt like the #53.

But in reality, You could use a 57, 53, or a 1445, any would work fine.

Agreed, I'm currently running all three types in my trains! I do have a couple of unidentified bulbs that are only labeled as 18V, but they sure aren't very bright running conventional!

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