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I bought a flat car recently on eBay. Good price, nice model to work on and pleased with the purchase. It caught my eye because it was just what I needed to create another pulpwood car. It will become DMIR #6347.    

Would  like to know a little more about the origin of this car.    The only markings are on the trucks.   For some reason the trucks are marked China 1 & China 2.    They are very nice sprung die-cast trucks.   The couplers are also die-cast bars but separate; not attached to the trucks.   The deck plate is similar but slightly different from an MTH flat I used for a tie load car.   The car arrived yesterday as Erie #7223, no box or ID markings.   I have already started to detail this car with my target being DMIR #6347.   

I like the car, but its origin is a mystery to me.    Anyone know the maker of this model?   Thanks for any help!

Curious, Dave



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I agree with Pete.  Looks like a Weaver flatcar to me.  Definitely look like Weaver die-cast trucks and couplers.  The half-round uncoupling disc on the coupler shank gives them away.

I like the look of the wire grab irons that you added...definitely improves the appearance!  You should consider slicing off those thick stirrup steps and replace them with scale-sized metal or even plastic ones to further improve the look.

Please post photos of your finished pulpwood car!

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