I have a Lionel 497 Coaling Station that needs a new motor.

it has the newer style can motor but cannot seem to find one. Would the old Postwar style motor work?

Anyone have a spare to sell?

Thanks in advance!



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Assuming this is a 6-82026, are you asking about a replacement motor only or the entire motor+gearbox assembly?



That is, by mounting tab, do you mean a circled item below?


If just one of the tabs, I'd think some hot glue or whatever to hold the motor in place might be the closest exit.



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Use the original cold weld formula JB Weld, with one red tube and one black tube.

Scratch up the surface area all around the broken spot by cutting it up with a sharp knife.  Pile on the glue to span the brake so you have more gluing area than just the edge of the brake. You may have to make a dam for the glue around the area as this a glue that will run off vertical surfaces or puddle out.  After a few hours when it should begin to harden up,  a 60 watt lamp bulb can be used to speed up cure.  If not wait at least 12 hours or more to cure.  The catalyst in the red tube causes heat to harden.  Mix at 50/50 for top strength, more than 50% red tube catalyst will weaken bond.

The motor should be made from cheap plastics that JB Weld works great on. 


Good point Chuck, I've had good success using JBWeld on plastics and even Delrin, if I can mange to encapsulate or simply surround the part to be glued. I think the epoxy has very little sticking power to the plastic, but forming the epoxy around the part (assuming he can do so without interfering with the mounting process) is a method I have used often with good success.

I love that stuff, especially the JBWeld for metal - an added plus is that when you mix the two parts, one black, one white, you can see when you have a proper mix done when you have an even, gray color. According to the manufacturer, a not-so-thorough mixing process is the largest cause of failure of their product

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