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@H1000 posted:

For $180 you can buy a PS3/2 Stacker board from MTH Parts and Sales.  It's a drop-in replacement for your 5-volt board that no longer needs any battery.

You will also have to change out the speaker for a 4-ohm unit.

For an extra $25, MTH can program the replacement board with the locomotive's name and sound file, making it a true plug and play replacement.

The part number is "Programming Fee".


Just completed a stacker board install. I had the sound file programmed by MTH. If you have a TIU you can do it yourself.

Install is straight forward, order the heatsink kit and new speaker. Check the size of the existing speaker before ordering the replacement. I had to get a smaller (28mm) for this S2.

Here's a few progress pix. I forgot to take one before I closed it up.

2023-06-22 20.39.012023-08-06 19.47.45

2023-09-10 16.45.54



Images (3)
  • 2023-06-22 20.39.01
  • 2023-08-06 19.47.45
  • 2023-09-10 16.45.54
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It is not a simple drop in for every engine.  Many MTH 5V are hung upside down and you need to determine where it fits and the orientation.  Extend harnesses, fit the new 4 ohm speaker which isn't always a smooth fit as the BF-43 is a different form then the BF-33 or other 16 ohm speakers mth used.  Then make sure you don't pinch any wires when installing shell.  G

George is spot on.  I looked at putting the PS32 board in the PRR Q2, but the way the board is in there, it would have been a PITA.  I figured out a way to get the PS/2 3V board in the locomotive, I'm perfectly happy with that solution.

The position of the connectors on the PS32 board set sometimes makes the installation much more difficult than it needs to be.

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