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Slight dilemma, I am about finished laying my track and turnouts and thought it would be handy to have a track plan.  I have tried to sketch it out but it is so involved with a lot of varying elevations any thing I do looks sloppy.  If there is someone skilled in drafting a track plan  in the PA/DE area along I-95 who could stop over and give me an idea of where to start that would be great.   This is way outside of any track planning program.  Lots of cosmetic curves and spiral easements.

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Tom- You may want to try finding a local drafts person who can draw it in CAD or REVIT.  I'm not sure that the typical planning software we use can handle your creativity.

Some really neat tools out there now. We just renovated a building on our campus and the architect used BIM 3D modeling to develop the plans. They had a vendor come in a laser scan the existing structure to get the backgrounds. Really cool stuff.


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