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Hello All, I'm trying to build a staging yard for rolling stock. The yard will have 7- lionel 022 switches. I'm using an American Flyer 30B transformer. Each staging track is isolated to be powered independently. I used 14 awg wire for track power.  I ran 22awg 4 conductor security wire from the remotes to the switches. Each remote wiring assembly is approx 12 feet long. Tried powering the switches with this but with 20 volts from the transformer i only get 12 volts at the switch. Each switch is pulling about 0.37 amps. I'm guessing the 22 awg wire isn't big enough. What would be the best way to power the 7-022 switches?


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  • Switch Yard 2-17-21
  • transformer for switch yard 2-27-21
  • remote switches 2-27-21
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