I was given a small collection of old line pole insulators a few years ago 

and have decided to make a display of them in my train room. 

My idea is to light them up with a string of chasing Christmas lights with three different colors to give a flashing effect. 

My problem is the string is three times longer than I need.

QUESTION;  Have any of you guys had and success in shorting a string of lights and keeping them working ?  These are wired in series !

 IMG_6266 [640x182)IMG_6267 [640x391)

These are all the excess lights. 

IMG_6280 [640x408)

This is a short video of them flashing. 

Thanks in advance for any advice you can share with me.



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I assume they now plug into your 110V? Could you count the number of bulbs in series and divide  to figure the voltage drop per bulb. Count how many you are using multiply and see if you get a reasonable number that you could provide that AC voltage, either a step down transformer (or in the best of worlds a ZW?)

With that special effect, it would take quite a bit of figuring to reduce the number and keep the effect, if possible at all. It's probably not just a matter of figuring bulb numbers and reducing voltage as with a normal string.

Much easier to do it John's way or just buy a string of the right length.


Thanks for the suggestions,  I think I'll take Gunrunner John's  first suggestion of hiding the extra bulbs in a box or something.

Just FYI,  The control box has 4 wires coming out of it.  One for each color and one that goes all the way to the end and connects to all three color lights ,  think that's probably the ground wire.  The control box has 15 different functions.  So think I better let well enough alone until next Christmas season and maybe find a shorter string of chasing lights.


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